Scorpion Season 2 Episode 13 Review: White Out

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Ralph and Captain Decker are totally my new BrOTP.

On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 13, Ralph proved how totally awesome he is. He should be around to help out a lot more, especially if he's completely safe in the garage.

Not going to lie, as soon as Walter told Sylvester to stay in the garage I was upset. "Why does Sly have to stay in the garage but Paige can go into the frozen tundra? Hello, she has a kid! She should totally....oh, she stayed behind with Sly. Good." – actual words I said to the TV.

Lost In a Blizzard - Scorpion

Sly on his own in the garage isn't entertaining. This time, thankfully, he wasn't alone. Paige and Ralph were also there to lend support, and in Ralph's case, be a freaking badass. Ralph provided Walter with some old school navigation tips, and he kept Captain Decker calm, cool, and rocking out to Fall Out Boy. Ralph's doing the Lord's work.

Ralph did not have to be the one talking to Captain Decker, but he wanted to help. The two of them bonded, and there's just something amusing about watching a Special Forces Captain take suggestions from a kid.

Typically, the random character of the week can't make me cry, no matter what sad moment they are experiencing. Captain Decker made me cry/tear up twice. We got to know him really well by watching him interact with Ralph. For awhile. Ralph was Decker's emotional support, which is a huge thing for Ralph. Decker freaking is going to name his son after Ralph, I mean come on! What I want in life is for Decker and baby Ralph to meet Ralph or at least for Decker and Ralph to become pen pals. 

You got a kid with you? Great. And you're the ones saving us?

Captain Decker

The feed with Captain Decker also gave Paige, Ralph, and Sly something else to do. It didn't feel like a distraction from the mission because helping to save the soldiers was the mission. It made them feel a lot more important. Plus, the video feed with Decker was a reminder of what Team Scorpion was fighting for. 

Was anyone else upset that Walter was really good at viral videos? Actually, I take that back, I'm more upset that we didn't get to see the entire video of Ferret Bueller and the behind the scenes/gag reel. I need so many more Ferret Bueller videos in my life.

This was such a fun way to show Walter trying to better himself. He was taking Megan's advice, but of course, he was going about it all wrong. Personally, I think Walter can be social while also making Ferret Bueller videos. Don't give up your dream, Walter! But seriously, I need to know if Walter enjoyed making the videos. I have so many questions.

Let's get this out of the way first – there was no way Happy wasn't going to survive. It was obvious that she would pull through.

Still, it was nice that the life and death situation of the week was less about the shock and suspense of whether or not the person would pull through, and it was more about watching someone react to the possibility that someone they love could die. We watched Toby go from being elated that he found Happy, to worried as he tried to save her to sad that they were both going to die. Of course he cracked a few jokes because he's Toby, but it was a fantastic emotional moment for him.

We're not going to make it. I'm with you. I never thought that I'd be so lucky to go out like this.


Toby abandoned the job at hand because Happy was missing, and then he risked death in order to find her. It didn't look like he had much of a plan other than going in one direction and hoping to run into her. Toby risked a lot for the love of his life.

Then, at home, we saw Happy start to take risks with her heart.

She's already had her heart broken by Toby (okay maybe broken is too strong a word), but she was brave enough to take that next step. This bravery came from her near death experience and a totally heartwarming home video. We don't spend a lot of time with Team Scorpion's families, and that is definitely something I would love to see as the show continues. I'd love to get to know Sly's family.

The home video that Happy's dad, Patrick, shows puts a smile on your face while breaking your heart. Happy came from a very loving family, but as we know, she didn't get to grow up with them. Patrick's comment about wanting Happy to meet her mom just killed me. Please keep these moments coming. I love seeing these family moments. 

At this point, we're pretty used to Team Scorpion fighting to save each other. They're family now. It doesn't matter who they have to yell at or stand up to, if someone is in danger, the rest of Team Scorpion will do whatever it takes to get help. Last season they were on their own. No one at Homeland, aside from Cabe, really cared all that much about them.

Cooper is different. 

She fights for Team Scorpion because they are her team, her responsibility. Even though we don't spend a lot of time with her, it's amazing that in those few moments we see her fighting for our team. It could be fun to see her out in the field with Team Scorpion.

What did you think of "White Out"? Whose family do you want to meet next? Did anyone else just love the snowball fight at the end? My favorite moment was Sylvester concern about the marshmallows being used as ammo. Leave yours and other thoughts in a comment below.

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White Out Review

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Cabe: Are you sure you know what you're doing?
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