Scorpion Season 2 Episode 14 Review: Sun of a Gun

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All I've ever wanted was to meet more of Team Scorpion's family.

On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 14, my dream came true. Hello Sylvester's dad aka Colonel Ken Dodd aka Jeff Fahey! It's so amazing to have Ken join Sylvester out in the field on a mission. This is really the only way that Ken would be able to understand and appreciate his son's true genius.

They get to bond over it.

Did anyone else love how Walter never quite caught on to the fact that Sly didn't want to be partnered with his dad? It made me chuckle.

Sadly, we don't see Ken spending time with anyone other than Sly. It would have been really fun to see everyone interact with Ken or maybe trying to talk up Sylvester. You know if Toby was in full health he would have tried to get some kind of embarrassing baby Sly stories out of Ken. Maybe Ken and his wife can stop by the garage again, and then Team Scorpion can get to know the Dodd family a bit better.

Walter's continual quest and struggle to be more social is highly entertaining. This week his challenge was speed dating. He totally failed at it, but hey, so did Cabe.

I can't believe Cabe's ideal number of cats is zero. He needs to sort out his priorities. 

I'm loving seeing how involved everyone is getting with Walter's goal. Toby helped Walter navigate the world of speed dating, and Cabe tagged along as an excuse to get back out there. Maybe Walter can enlist someone's help in making another Ferret Bueller video. I need another video. Do you hear me CBS? Give me more Ferret Bueller!

I also need more musical numbers because, hello, you have Katharine McPhee on your show. Where's my musical episode?

I'm only slightly kidding about the musical episode.

The Waige duet was super cute and fun. I love these light hearted scenes where Walter is pushed outside of his comfort zone and doing adorable things with Paige. I mean he used what she taught him against her and managed to get her to go to dinner with him. Walter O'Brien is a crafty fellow.

Walter is making progress. I mean he wooed a dictator. Okay, so wooed is too strong of a word, but Walter successfully complimented the President, and that's something that should be applauded.

No excuses, Walt. Go see your new buddy and shake your money maker.


Normally, one member of the team being sequestered off on their own during a case is boring. For instance, while I loved Ralph randomly surprising Toby by knowing his favorite soup and cartoon, Toby's comments during the case and his contributions weren't all that entertaining. I would have much rather preferred that Toby be in Africa with the rest of the team.

I will say, I'm loving seeing more of Ralph. 

He should get some kind of reward for being stuck in a garage taking care of a sick Toby all day while Paige is off in Africa. I mean this kid is just too much. If I was in Ralph's shoes, I'd probably be watching Netflix and occasionally poking Toby to make sure he was alive. 

Walter being stuck with the President was surprisingly fun to watch, especially when Walter had to suppress his normal tendencies and be nice and polite. Plus, it gave Team Scorpion a chance to solve a case, or at least some parts of it, without Walter's help. 

The personal moments were definitely the thing that made this case enjoyable. Other than that, it was just alright. Ken being there was the most exciting part of the case. The whole sun gun concept just felt weird, but you just kind of had to accept it and move on. As much as Sly harped on Ken being obsessed with this gun, I wish we would have seen more proof of the obsession. 

Did anyone else freak out when Happy asked Paige about her feelings? Just me? Okay then.

It was an amazing moment. Normally, Paige is the one to go around and ask all the geniuses how they feel about something, but this time Happy went to Paige. Happy recognized that Walter speed dating might be something that Paige wouldn't be too thrilled about. Progress. I'm so proud.

Seeing the roles reversed was fun, and it meant seeing more of Happy and Paige together. We are experiencing a shortage of Happy and Paige scenes. It's a travesty, really. They are such a fun pair.

I need them to hang out more outside of work. Then one day we can have a Quintis and Waige double date! I'm picturing it being totally awkward, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Speaking of Quintis, I love that we got to see how much Happy knows and cares for Toby. The fact that she took care of him without him knowing is so sweet and very Happy. She doesn't seem like the type to broadcast how much she cares. 

Ralph: You always yell at Toby. Why did you want me to do this?
Happy: The truth is, I'm falling for the guy.
Ralph: Ew, gross.
Happy: I know, right?

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts in a comment below, and be sure to tune in next week for Scorpion Season 2 Episode 15.

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Sun of a Gun Review

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