Shameless Season 6 Episode 4 Review: Going Once, Going Twice

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Losing a home is never easy.

On Shameless Season 6 Episode 4, the Gallaghers officially became homeless. It was actually one of the most shocking developments on the show to date and it has me very uncertain about where they will next move to. 

Fiona does have access to $100,000 after all, so she could buy them somewhere, but where? Will they remain in the South Side with the rising house costs? I have no idea and need to find out like right away. 

It was very nice that Fiona could actually get a mortgage to begin with. She's fought tooth and nail for her family and she's left little time to think about what she could do for herself once the kids fly the nest. Her assistant manager role should push her forward into a career of her choosing in the future. 

Every company needs a manager and Fiona has excellent managerial skills. Her relationship with Sean has started to go pear shape, but you have to give it to the guy, he's very honest. It can't have been all that easy to tell Fiona that he killed someone.

It's not like he maliciously set out to kill someone, or anything. It was an accident and he needs to stop letting it eat him up. 

Fiona's reaction to his revelation was very natural. Sure, she'd have been wondering if he could kill again, but surely she knows what he's really like. He's the only one who's been there for her over the past two seasons, and he's a catch. He was happy enough to give Fiona some of the money for the down payment. 

It's perfectly obvious he has her best interests at heart and that's what makes their relationship all the more joyful to watch play out on screen. 

Aside from the drama of the house, Lip's storyline with Helene got super interesting. No one likes to fail, but it's becoming pretty evident that's what Helene is scared of. That whole scene with her hypothesis being verbally tore down showed us at home that she had to compose herself.

It sure looked like she was going to let rip and go crazy at the man, but as much as she want to, she didn't. Her drunken revelation to Lip gave him hope that she could love him, but that was dashed when she told him to forget about it. 

People tend to come clean about stuff when their drunk, so hopefully she does mean that and Lip's love life can take a turn for the better, but maybe this is karma coming back to bite him in the ass. Remember Mandy? That chick loved him. 

If Mandy miraculously came back, I would totally ship them together. Hopefully they are both endgame. 

"Going Once, Going Twice" was the best episode of the season. It had laughs, shocks and death. It appears like the show is making up for the downturn in quality in Shameless Season 5.

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Will the Alibi Room be able to regain its customers, or will it remain a social pariah? Will Yanis' death come back to haunt Kev? 
  • Svetlana continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. She needs to be promoted to regular!
  • Whenever you think Frank could stoop any lower, he does. Who in their right mind would set their fifteen-year-old daughter up with someone over seventy?
  • Ian's storyline was a snooze for the most part. I never thought I'd see the day when Carl's storyline would be more interesting. 
  • Chuckie's return was quite the shock, but he's obviously going to do something to Carl.

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What did you think of the episode? Where will the Gallaghers move to? Hit the comments below!

Going Once, Going Twice Review

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Shameless Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Debbie: That's my baby.
Frank: Hello, little Gallagher

Even with welfare there's no way you'll pull down the dough you'll need.