Supergirl Round Table: Who's That Girl?

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While Kara managed to keep her secret from Cat, she finally learned the truth about Hank on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 9.

Below, TV Fanatics Kathleen Wiedel, Paul Dailly, Jim Garner, and Christine Orlando discuss Maxwell Lord's intentions, what side Astra will choose, and a certain "bromance" that may be developing.

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What is Maxwell Lord up to? Who is that girl?

Kathleen: I suspect that Maxwell Lord is creating his own superbeing to loose on the city, no doubt with the purpose of demonstrating publicly that aliens and superbeings are dangerous and should be eliminated. Is this line of thought insane? In short: yes. I really think Maxwell Lord is nuts.

Paul: I'm with Kathleen here. He's power hungry and he's using this superbeing to take down Kara, or even capture her. He might want Kara on his side, with a clean slate. I did think the girl was going to be Bizarro!

Jim: I agree with Paul and Kathleen, Maxwell is power hungry and after having his place attacked by Kryptonians he is working on a way to combat them. As for the girl, Paul's guess of "Bizzaro SuperGirl" is as good of guess as any.

Christine: Yeah, that extra arm seemed like a giveaway that he’s making his own superbeing and I like the idea of a “Bizzaro Supergirl”. That could be a lot of fun.

Are you disappointed that Cat no longer believes Kara is Supergirl?

Kathleen: Seriously, I'm hoping that Cat will figure out the trick at some point. It felt somewhat frustrating that they went that route, though I can understand why from both an in-universe and a story-telling perspective. Though I would find it absolutely hilarious if Hank Henshaw had to impersonate Kara at her day job for more than five minutes! Poor J'onn would be driven insane in short order.

Paul: Yes! My head twisted when Kara walked in the office and Supergirl was already there. I had no clue Hank was playing Supergirl, but it was a wasted opportunity to have here sort of figure it out, only to be thrown way off the scent.

Jim: I am disappointed that the writers took the "tried and true" path of throwing Cat off the scent. What's worse is once Kara knew Hank was a shapeshifter, I knew exactly how they were going to put the cat back in the bag. I'm pretty sure "shapeshifter double" is 2nd or 3rd on the list for "how to save your secret identity" in the comic book world.

Christine: I was completely disappointed, but not surprised. When they opened the episode with Kara still denying it I knew she’d find a way throw her off the trail. Although I get it story wise, I was really looking forward to Cat being part of this oddball team of Kara’s.

Do you think Astra will eventually switch sides and help Kara bring down Non?

Kathleen: It's possible that Astra will turn on Non, though it's possible that Non will turn on Astra, too. Part of the problem is that we don't have the full measure of their relationship together. They're married, yes, but they also refer to a military component (she's the general, he's the lieutenant).

And what are their ultimate goals? Ruling the world or saving it? Astra claims that they want to save the world (and, naturally, the lives of the many outweigh the lives of the few), but Non doesn't seem at all concerned with the little humans, or pretty much anyone else, for that matter. This is a "wait and see" matter for me.

Paul: I think Astra will be Team Kara by the end of the season. At the very least, she'll help take down Non and then disappear, or she'll sacrifice herself to kill him. Everyone loves a good redemption, right?!

Jim: I'm of the thought that if Astra decides to take down Non, it will be more because he becomes a threat to Astra and less about helping Kara. Though you can still see that Astra has a soft-spot for her niece.

Christine: I agree that Astra and Non will probably turn on one another by the end of the season. I just wonder what the casualty factor will be when that happens.

What did you think of James and Winn working together? Is a bromance developing?

Kathleen: I'd much rather see the two guys being friends than romantic rivals for Kara's affections, which would just be tired and boring. I'd be interested in seeing the friendship develop between James and Winn, and they demonstrably work well together when they try. I can just see the two of them hanging out at a bar with Hank Henshaw, commiserating on the life of working with a superhero!

Paul: They're becoming friends and I'm quite alright with that. Winn doesn't play jealous very well, so hopefully they continue to grow as friends.

Jim: I agree with Paul, they work well as friends and I hope it continues. Seeing "jealous Winn" wasn't very much fun. So here is hoping the Bromance can survive!

Christine: I love a good Bromance so I’m all in on that. Besides, I don’t think Kara is ready for a romantic relationship any time soon and if Winn and James are fast friends by the time one of them gets their chance, that will make it all the more interesting.

What was your favorite quote/scene?

Kathleen: It's not very heartwarming of me, but I was blackly amused by how Hank Henshaw managed to conceal his true identity and simultaneously trick Non into executing one of his own men, a telepath no less!

Paul: I loved the scene with Hank as Supergirl. The reaction on Cat's face was priceless!

Jim: I really enjoyed Kara's talk with Hank about how the DEO keeps him human and how her friends at Catco do that for her. It's always great to see heroes anchored in humanity!

Christine: Maybe Kathleen and I both have a cold streak, but I loved that scene too, where Non kills his own telepath and Hank’s sarcastic comment about their race not being savage like the humans.

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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Kara: So what are you going to do?
Alex: If I turn down the deal, Non kills Hank. If I go through with it, I free a criminal with the strength of you.

Kara: Ms. Grant, I'm sorry. Think what you think, but it's not true. I'm not Supergirl.
Cat: One time at a party Paul McCartney swore to me that he and Yoko were the closest of friends. He was more convincing.