Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 12 Review: Damnatio Memoriae

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Theo really sucks at making friends.

On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 12, Theo decided to bond with his new chimera pack by helping them murder people, electrocuting them, and threatening them. Is that not what y'all do with your friends?

I'm honestly not seeing what power he has over all of the chimeras. Fear would make sense, but the way Hayden has been acting, it's like there's something hardwired into her that makes her listen to Theo even when she doesn't want to.

What's your theory?

There's still so much we don't know about this new chimera pack. Did we even figure out how they all came back to life?

Aside from that, Hayden mentioned how ever since she came back, nothing feels right (except Liam because love conquers all, obviously). Could you be more specific, Hayden? Do you feel like you are drawn to do darker things or what's going on? Let's stop being vague because it's not like we're in your shoes so we can relate to your struggle or anything.

Mason and the Sheriff are the MVPs of this episode. Someone give them a trophy.

For the Sheriff, he finally had a chat with Stiles about the Donovan situation. With all the stupidity that was the Sciles fight, I forgot how much Stiles was still blaming himself for Donovan's death.

What was so amazing about this exchange, aside from the Stilinski family emotions, was that Stiles was actually able explain how he was feeling.

Sheriff: Stiles, I can't protect you if I don't know the truth. Did you really feel like you couldn't tell me?
Stiles: I couldn't tell anyone.
Sheriff: Did you think that I wouldn't believe it was self defense?
Stiles: What if it wasn't? What if I told you I wanted him dead?
Sheriff: I believe you. I also believe that wanting someone dead and murdering them are two very different things.

It sounds like a stupid thing because everyone says how they are feeling, but Stiles full on explained what was going through his head, and how he believes that he murdered Donovan.

After that scene, you can understand Stiles a bit better. You can't understand Hayden better after she said "nothing feels right. Stiles didn't really leave anything up to our imagination. He was able to vent.

Mason helped Liam to get up the nerve to talk to Scott. Much like with Stiles and Donovan, Liam hasn't really talked about what happened with Scott. I mean it's not hard to guess what Liam was feeling, but it was still nice that Liam got to voice his own fears. I cannot wait to see Scott and Liam's reunion. 

Theo logic will just never make sense to me. He, for some reason, decided to have his chimera pack (minus Hayden) try to kill Scott. Then, after he called them off, Theo told Scott not to worry because they were on the same side now.

I just don't understand how that made sense in his little Theo head. You can't tell someone you are on the same side after trying to have him killed literally seconds before.

I can't take Theo seriously at all as a bad guy because nothing he says or does makes any sort of sense. 

We still don't know anything about how he became BFFs with the Dread Doctors or how he made his pack. Now, he's claiming to have all this info on the beast. Theo told Hayden that the beast would kill a lot of people but not them if they stuck together.

Does he have beast immunity or something? Then, he told Cory (invisible cutie) that he would protect Liam and Mason aka Scott's pack, but it's hard to take that seriously with the whole "I ordered my pack to kill you but same side bro" situation.

I'm sorry but Theo leading an evil chimera pack wasn't exactly a natural progression to the conversation.


Nothing makes sense anymore. I think the only way it might make sense is if Theo just sat down and explained to me his whole back story and evil plan. What do you make of Theo's intentions?

There was so much going on in this hour. Most of the storylines had a connection to Theo and the beast, so it was okay, but even then, things should have been dialed down a bit. Lydia's horror movie situation that was happening in Eichen was a bit much.

Did anyone else think of The Ring? While I'm so happy that we will finally see Lydia learn more about how to channel her banshee skills, it felt out of place with the rest of the hour. 

The same can be said for Malia's adventure. I'm all for Desert Wolf answers, but it took us away from Theo and the beast. Maybe eventually Scott will offer to help out Malia as a way to try to reign her back into the pack. 

Gerard is back, unfortunately. The only reason I'm a little happy to see Gerard again is because he's being brought back to provide some answers on the Dread Doctors and the Beast/Last Chimera. Finally, someone has answers!

Gerard revealed that there's a tie between the Beast and the Argent family. I'm excited to learn more about the Argents, especially since it means Crystal Reed will be back on my screen!

What did you think of the hour? Were you happy to see Kira again? Leave me your thoughts and theories in a comment below!

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Damnatio Memoriae Review

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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Liam: Do you trust me?
Hayden: What? No!

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Liam: How come you didn't tell me you were alive?
Hayden: Maybe because you left me for dead.