The Flash Round Table: Did Harry Make the Right Call?

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There were a lot of developments open for discussion on The Flash Season 2 Episode 10, including Patty's decision to leave Central City, Harry's actions regarding the Turtle, Wally's attitude about Joe, the reveal about Joe's illness and the surprise return of Reverse Flash.

Join TV Fanatics Hank Otero, Whitney Evans, Allison Nichols and Carissa Pavlica, as well as Andy Behbakht from The Flash Podcast, as they break it all down. Join in the discussion here or on social media! We'd love to hear from you.

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

How do you feel about the way things turned out with Patty?

Hank: I'm a little disappointed to be honest. The two were cute together, but Barry keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. Did he not learn a thing from lying to Iris? Anyway, after all the courtship, Patty taking off makes the storyline feel completely pointless. C'mon give our hero a chance at a little happiness.

Andy: As someone who hasn't been the biggest fan of her or the romance with Barry, even I felt that this was maybe a little too premature. I would have preferred if maybe this episode had been spent setting up those continuing issues and then the following episode could have resulted with her taking off or just calling it quits. This episode was packed like crazy much and for an arc like that, it shouldn't have ended through an episode like this.

Whitney: It felt incredibly abrupt, didn't it? Like Andy, I wasn't totally onboard with the pairing but their breakup really came out of left field. If she's really gone for good, then it was a sad way for her to go out.

Allison: I agree that her leaving felt like it came out of nowhere. I was hoping to see Patty stick around more and really find her place in Team Flash. She could have been a great asset to the team, and I really do just love her character.

Carissa: It was really odd. She was forced down our throats and then just bye? I wasn't even fond of her, but I didn't dig how she was treated in the episode at all. It was weird.

Did Harry do the right thing with regard to the Turtle?

Hank: It's too soon to tell, but I still don't like (or trust) Harry. He's not a team player and is only out for himself. I hope Team Flash realizes this sooner rather than later. I've got to say, I loved the Turtle's special effects. Cool stuff!

Andy: If it's to stop Zoom, then yes (even though I would have loved to see him appear one more time on the show) – if it's to mess things up for Barry, then no.

Whitney: I think time will tell if Harry made the right call. If it ultimately ends up aiding Team Flash in getting rid of Zoom, then I would say he definitely made the right call.

Allison: I think he did, but like Whitney and Hank said, it's too soon to tell. I am curious if Harry did what he did to stop Zoom or if he had another motive.

Carissa: This whole Zoom thing is taking a really long time to get off the ground, and I think Harry is the only person who hasn't forgotten he's a real threat. So, whatever he did (and I think he killed the Turtle), yes, do what's necessary to stop Zoom because he may be quiet, but he won't be for long.

Jay is sick. What does that mean exactly, that he's dying because he lost his speed, and how would stopping Zoom help?

Hank: Jay mentioned there's a connection between the loss of his speed and Zoom. I'm assuming he thinks destroying the villain will restore his abilities. I'm not quite sure how it all works since Zoom is still pretty much a mystery. I haven't connected with Jay, the character is just kind of meh, and I was so excited to meet him.

Andy: It still feels so random and forced that they decided to suddenly drop this bomb that Jay is sick because he doesn't have his speed. What does this mean for other speedsters that can lose their speed at some point, will they get sick too?

Jay was one of my top aspects that I was looking forward to this season, but so far they have taken him in very odd directions. I hope he gets his speed back by episode 15 or something because I want to see this character for the long-run.

Whitney: I interpreted Jay's sickness as being wholly related to him losing his speed. It's kind of an odd way to take Jay, and I'd really feel for Caitlin if she ends up losing another man she loves, but maybe it will spice up his storyline.

Allison: I really don't know what to make of this development. Jay's just sort of been there. I've been disappointed with what Jay has contributed to the show. Right now, his sickness doesn't intrigue me at all. It's yawn worthy.

Carissa: Is losing your speed as a speedster kind of like when a fish stops swimming and can't breathe? And how would he get his speed back if Zoom is stopped? It seems totally random and needs a LOT of explanation to fly.

Wally was really not impressed with Joe's detecting skills since he was never hidden and yet never discovered. How soon before these two are on good terms?

Hank: I'll be honest, Wally came across like a total punk. I hated Joe feeling like he had to apologize for trying to make up for lost time. Blame your damn mother Wally, who not only lied to her son but her husband as well. Hopefully, father and son continue to bond over Chinese food. I really want to like the kid, but so far... Not so much.

Andy: I like that Wally has a bit of a rough side to himself and honestly, I think his "punk" behavior is just his way of showing that he, just like Joe, is also nervous and scared about having this extended family that he never knew about. This is a huge change for both of them, as well as Iris – they are all trying to figure this out.

Whitney: Wally was a jerk and it was completely uncalled for. He was taking out his anger on the wrong person and it was really hard to watch because we all know what an amazing man and father Joe is. Hopefully Wally can spend some time with Iris and Barry and he'll be able to see how special Joe is to them.

Allison: I'm with Whitney. I felt like Wally needed to tone down the attitude. I get him being angry that Joe wasn't around, but doesn't he realize that his mom kept him from his father on purpose? It makes me wonder how Francine spun Joe's absence to Wally growing up.

Carissa: I said in my review discovering Joe was a detective was probably worse for Wally than if he had been a garbage collector. Because then there is a reason to be disappointed he wasn't found. I can't blame the kid. Joe will win him over, but Iris will first.

The Reverse Flash is back. What the hell?

Hank: Your guess is as good as mine. Did he materialize on Earth 2? Is he part of an alternate timeline? I have no clue where the Reverse Flash arc is going, but it should be interesting to find out. Still, I want to learn more about Zoom, rather than revisiting the Reverse Flash so soon. You know what I mean?

Andy: It means that Barry can't really catch a break at all – I am excited to see him back, but this time be played by Matt Letscher since we only got one episode with him as Eobard last season.

Whitney: That was about the last thing I expected to happen this season and I have no idea what he's doing here. Grodd was a good retread from The Flash Season 1, but do we need the Reverse Flash back again?

Allison: I'm actually excited to see what the Reverse Flash brings to the mix. It could be fun, plus it will be fun to see everyone react to his presence.

Carissa: Again, what's the deal with Zoom? I can see Harry going ballistic at some point because he stayed here to try to get his daughter back and they aren't doing that. Now they're going to have to fight Reverse Flash? Geez. I'm interested to find out why he's back, but more interested to get some deets on Zoom.

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Barry: I have spent most of my life feeling very unlucky.
Patty: Yeah, and now?
Barry: It feels like I've been struck by lightning twice.

Captain: Nice to meet ya, Wally. Your pops here is a hell of a detective.
Wally: Obviously not.