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When Reverse Flash is in town, things go kind of haywire. 

At least one life is in jeopardy on The Flash Season 2 Episode 11 and that means the best laid plans to deal with the return of Reverse Flash are shot.

Additionally, Barry is trying to ignore Patty before she takes a train out of town, but she's hoping he says the right thing to make her stay. What's your guess on whether Barry says the magic words?

When Caitlin has a plan to cure Jay Garrick, new and strange information comes to light. Does it really mean anything, though?

Iris and Joe say goodbye to Francine and help Wally come to terms with losing his mother as the West family grows closer. 

Find out all about it when you watch The Flash online via TV Fanatic!

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Flash: You died!
Reverse Flash: Good to know. And guess what Flash? I know what time period you're from. And that means that very soon, you will die.

Harry: What did you see?
Cisco: Reverse Flash. He's here.