American Crime Season 2 Episode 7 Review: The Fall

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Everyone get those jaws off the floor. 

On American Crime Season 2 Episode 7, Taylor continued to spiral out of control.

It's difficult not to feel sorry for Taylor and have sympathy for him. He's tried so hard to move on with his life, but was constantly reminded of what happened to him. How could you not see where this storyline was going?

Before I get ahead of myself let's sit back and discuss, "The Fall."

Medical Records - American Crime

I am still completely baffled by Peter's behavior. It doesn't make Eric a different person just because he's gay. Peter isn't giving Eric a chance to explain why he kept his sexuality a secret and why he tried to commit suicide. I imagine Lillah had some influence on why Peter is the way he is.

Of course it doesn't help things when Curt is trying to avoid talking with Peter about what's going on. I had to agree with Mr. Dixon about Peter needing counseling. Curt wants to brush past what happened in Eric instead of discussing the situation.

At least Curt does seem more accepting of Eric even though he does have a similar opinion as Lillah.

Eric continued to be completely reckless in his actions. Why is he still contacting random men for hookups? I do admit, regardless of what Eric did, I felt bad when the guy attacked him.

I know there will people who will say karma is getting back at Eric, but no one deserves to be attacked. It was interesting to hear Eric talk about the party some more. I hope they flashback to the entire night before the season ends.

I really loved how Anne owned up to her medical history. Finally finding out what Anne went through put a lot of the pieces of the puzzle together. While I may not be Anne's biggest fan, I now have a better understanding of her state of mind. 

Speaking of Anne's medical records, who else wanted to smack Dan when he was talking to Cammy?

Anne's records were released illegally and she should not be judged for what happened to her in the past. Anne got the help she needed, made sure Taylor was safe and she has moved on with her life. Instead of painting Anne as a liar and villain, Dan should focus on his own life, especially Becca.

I had a feeling Becca was involved in illegal activities, but I really wish she would have stayed with Taylor. It was so hard watching Taylor spiral completely out of control. I knew exactly what they were planning the moment Taylor got the gun, wrote down the names and headed to the school.

Taylor wanted to hurt those who had not only hurt him, but hurt his mother as well. I do believe, after hearing what Grace said to Taylor, he was going to leave without hurting anyone. Do I condone what Taylor did? Of course not, but I understood where Taylor's mind was at. He was basically a shell of his former self.

In the end, Taylor went straight to Anne to let her know what he did. Anne handled the entire situation extremely well. I also didn't blame her at all for wanting to stay with Taylor, but at least she had the sense to clear out of the restaurant while waiting for the cops. 

Don't feel bad if you missed out! Go watch American Crime online now via TV Fanatic. Just make sure to come back to let us know what you think.

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