Arrow Round Table: Oliver's Biggest Mistake

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Oliver may have made the biggest mistake of his life on Arrow Season 4 Episode 13, at least that's how our round table team sees it. Felicity handled her own situation better than her other half and we'd love the opportunity to see Nyssa more often.

Chat about these things and more with TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Caralynn Lippo, Meg Bonney and Hank Otero. All you need to do is share you personal opinion by dropping us a comment! 

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Who handled their situation better: Felicity or Oliver?

Jay: Does Oliver ever handle a situation well? So obviously Felicity. But she had a much simpler situation to deal with.

Caralynn: Felicity. SO much better. Sometimes Oliver's goal to avoid murder at all costs just kind of makes things worse. I think this is one of those times. Felicity handled the situation with her father perfectly. She tested him to see if he was serious in having changed, he failed that test, she called the cops on him. Boom.

Meg: Felicity! She had a much better approach, as usual. The only way to know for sure if her dad was legit was to test him.

Hank: Without a doubt, it was Felicity. Merlyn had the best line of the night, "Oliver you are very handsome, not especially bright." Allowing Malcolm to walk away from that duel was probably one of the dumbest things Oliver has done in four seasons.

Did Oliver make the right decision in maiming Malcolm Merlyn instead of killing him?

Jay: No, Malcolm needs to die. He should've died two seasons ago. His constant flip-flopping between Team Arrow and Team Against Oliver is obnoxious.

Caralynn: No. Much as I love Malcolm's quippiness and John Barrowman's everything, Malcolm is going to cause a lot of chaos. He outright told Oliver as much. I'm not really sure what Oliver was thinking in letting him live. Especially after he revealed that he knew about Oliver's son William! Malcolm was right, Oliver is quite handsome but equally dim sometimes.

Meg: No way! If he didn't want to do, he could have let Nyssa. Malcom needs to LEAVE! Malcolm can't be trusted and Oliver should have known that the second Malcolm mentioned his son.

Hank: Absolutely not. I have been saying since Arrow Season 2 that Malcolm Merlyn overstayed his welcome on this series. That holds true to this day. The creative team simply love John Barrowman too much to kill his character off. It defies logic at this point. I give up.

What's Malcolm's next move?

Jay: Well, he went to Darhk and exposed Oliver's child, so he'll be Darhk's inside man. Won't be long until Darhk learns the secret identity of everyone on Team Arrow.

Caralynn: Definitely team up with Darhk to cause maximum damage for Oliver. Which is interesting because this will go firmly against Thea's interests in every way. How is he going to rationalize that whole "everything he does being for his daughter" thing now?

Meg: he going to lurk in shadows and continue to be a meanace to the Arrow team. And I agree that he will be on Darhks team.

Hank: Merlyn will continue to sneak around causing chaos while claiming to "love" his daughter. Whatever! If he is still around in Season 5, I might finally start tuning out.

What are your thoughts on Nyssa disbanding the League of Assassins? 

Jay: This was the only moment that truly shocked me. She went through all of this trouble and heartache only to destroy this unwanted legacy. It'll be interesting to see where she ends up now, she's lost the purpose she had for years. Plus, this will create some drama over what those ex-assassins are doing next.

Caralynn: It was the smart move, the right move, and wholly unexpected. I really did not think that Nyssa would do that either, but it fit perfectly. She wanted to get out from under her father's history, and she actually committed to that and went through with it. Nyssa is such an interesting character, and I hope we see more of her and what she'll be doing now that there's no League of Assassins. Or she can somehow visit Sara on Legends of Tomorrow, next time Sara is in present day?

Meg: I actually really liked this change of events. I think it will create some interesting drama with ex-assassins. I really like Nyssa and hope that she will be around more now that the league is done.

Hank: Honestly, I am glad she disbanded the League if only to avoid those lame visits to Nanda Parbat. That entire arc remains one of my biggest disappointments of the series. I hope Nyssa was telling the truth so we're done with all that nonsense.

Did this change your thoughts on who is in the grave and who put them there? Update.

Jay: I honestly don't know who is in the grave. I want to not care, but I'm worried. I guess I'm still sticking with Donna Smoak because of how Felicity reacted. They're going to make it seem like it's Oliver's son in the grave now, but who knows.

Caralynn: Nope, I still think it's Donna, like I said a few weeks back. Felicity was completely devastated and quietly furious in that flashforward. I do think that it'll be Malcolm who leads directly to Donna's death, which is why they left it vague when Felicity told Oliver to "kill the son of a bitch" (because said "son of a bitch" is Malcolm, not the expected Darhk). Oliver letting Malcolm live in "Sins of the Father" is going to come back to haunt him, hard.

Meg: if it isn't Donna, I will be very surprised. Like Caralynn and Jay, I think that Felicity's reaction was very telling.

Hank: They've dragged the grave thing out too long. Not sure I care anymore. I will say, if Malcolm Merlyn is in the grave, I will definitely be back for more Arrow next season.

Final thoughts?

Jay: Laurel and Nyssa's scenes are always great, and I really enjoyed their interaction in this episode, but I really enjoyed Nyssa and Oliver's scenes, as well. I hope, now that Nyssa is free, she'll stick around Star City and have some more scenes with the team.

Caralynn: It's so weird and hilarious that Nyssa keeps referring to Oliver as "my husband." I wish Diggle had something more to do in this episode; he was basically useless. More Mama Smoak, please, especially if her time with us is limited!

Meg: I love the idea of Nyssa hanging in the arrow cave calling Oliver her husband and Felicity rolling her eyes. My final thought is more Nyssa please! I enjoy her scenes with Laurel and she has really grown as a character. I'd like to see how things go for her without the league.

Hank: I don't want to keep bitching about Merlyn, so I'll agree with Jay that Laurel and Nyssa are a blast to watch. It would be amazing if Nyssa joined Team Arrow, just to see more of her on the show. Final final thought... No more pointless island flashbacks!

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Nyssa: I'm glad you've finally seen reason.
Malcolm: The only thing I've seen is your quick and speedy death.

People don't change. Even if you want them to.