Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 15 Review: A Night Owl

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Intelligence got hit with a pretty complex case on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 15 with some underlying tones about love thrown in there. 

We were also treated to a couple of new partnerships. 

Did you guys enjoy Lindsay and Burgess or Platt and Roman more?

It's hard to choose. 

Burgess' instincts put the whole thing in motion when she suspected something was off about the professor. Most cops would have seen the empty trunk and let him go (Roman included), but she followed her gut and earned herself a spot on Intelligence for the day.

It was thanks to a push from Lindsay, but Voight didn't really protest all that hard. 

Voight: I already offered Burgess a spot in this unit. She turned it down.
Lindsay: Everybody deserves a second chance. That's what it said on the coffee shop chalkboard this morning.

I would love to see Burgess get a permanent spot upstairs, though that would probably mean losing someone who's currently up there. Maybe they can add one more to the unit? 

Of course, it would make things even more awkward between Burgess and Ruzek, but it is time for her to stop letting that relationship (or lack thereof) get in the way of her career. 

Lindsay's push to partner up with Burgess for the day probably had more to do with convincing her not to transfer than anything else, but if that's the case, I think her plan worked. 

Also, I am glad I finally know why Burgess was holding that toothbrush in the photos for this episode. I was really curious about that. 

These girls need to stick together, and it was nice seeing them have a ladies night out. 

Platt: I can't believe you made me eat a sandwich wrapped in lettuce.
Roman: You gotta stay away from the carbs, they'll dull your senses.
Platt: This is Chicago. We put bread on meat. It gives us comfort. It makes us strong.

Roman and Platt's unconventional pairing for the day was absolutely hilarious. 

Platt's skills are crazy impressive too. Being behind that desk has not made her rusty in the field at all.

I loved her "you got shot by the hipster?" line and then later throwing the shoes thing back in his face. Roman is such a pompous ass, and he is no match for Platt. 

Still, she's going to end up giving him the recommendation. 

The case was interesting and kept me guessing, which is always a good thing. I wondered in the beginning if the professor was telling the truth about having no knowledge of the drugs or not. I could see it going either way. 

But finding out he was pen pals with prisoners and that he fell in love with one of them, a con artist no less, was pretty unpredictable. 

People do crazy things for love, which was basically the theme of the night, but most of us draw the line at smuggling drugs across international borders. He really couldn't find another way to come up with the money? 

While he'll be forced to pay for his actions, he actually wasn't a bad guy, and now he has a nine year old boy's murder on his conscience. Not to mention he got his own daughter kidnapped and nearly killed. 

I know we're probably supposed to feel sorry for the guy who was completely duped by Peter, but it's hard when he was such an idiot. He's a professor, he is supposed to be smart. The guy was in jail for being a con artist. That really should have raised a few red flags.

He had this secret apartment and life that he managed to keep from his wife and daughter, but he was dumb enough to trust someone who hadn't done anything to earn it. 

Another theme was what people will do for money, and that leads us to Halstead's new security gig. 

I don't really know where that's going, other than it is completely obvious his new boss is into him. I can't see him acting on that. He loves Lindsay too much. 

What did you guys think of the case? Are the Linstead fans out there worried? 

If you missed anything, you can watch Chicago PD online any time. 

A Night Owl Review

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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Roman: Hey Sarge, you got a second?
Platt: One Mississippi.

Voight: I already offered Burgess a spot in this unit. She turned it down.
Lindsay: Everybody deserves a second chance. That's what it said on the coffee shop chalkboard this morning.