Days of Our Lives Round Table: Pick Your Favorite Valentine’s Fantasy!

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It was Valentine’s Day in Salem and the fantasies ranged from love and romance, to insecurity and despair. Some were funny while others visited their dark sides. 

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by UhSir from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Steve keeping secrets from Kayla, Andre’s plan and who had the best Valentine’s Day fantasy on Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Should Steve have told Kayla the truth about sleeping with Ava?

Jack: Steve absolutely should have told the truth. There's not much difference between what Ava did and what Kristen did to Eric, except Ava used psychological torture instead of pharmaceuticals to force Steve to have sex against his will. Not telling Kayla sets this up to be a “Steve cheated on Kayla" story when it should be a "Steve was raped by Ava" story.  And come on, this is Salem, it's gonna come out eventually.

UhSir: Yes. My head wants to explode over this. Steve and Kayla have been through so much, they should be way past hiding truths. 

Christine: Yes! I know it’s hard to talk about but Steve needs to explain what happened. For goodness sake, Joey saw what happened. There’s no way this won’t come out and you know Ava is going to put her own spin on it. As Jack said above, this was rape through psychological blackmail and by hiding it, Steve is setting himself up to look like the bad guy. 

Who’s the better singer, Brady, Theresa or Claire?

Jack: Hard to choose, but I liked Brady the best. I'd love to see art imitate real life and have Brady and JJ do some singing/performing together.

UhSir: Tough question! They're all very good. Based on what they've sung, I liked Theresa the most.

Christine: I was surprised Brady had such a nice voice but I think I enjoyed Theresa’s singing most of all. As much as the storyline touts Claire having an amazing voice, I just haven’t loved her singing thus far. 

Andre set Hope’s house on fire. Any idea what his next move will be?

Jack: I'm guessing he will "comfort" Chase about the fire and try to convince him that Hope/Ciara hate him and that he should turn against them.

UhSir: I'd like for Andre to go to the police and end this ridiculous story but that won't happen. I'm guessing he's going to continue working on seducing Chase over to the dark side. Maybe with a twist of Chase trying to protect Ciara while they go after Hope.

Christine: Now that Andre has his hooks in Chase, I don’t think he’ll be letting go any time soon. Andre plans to torture Hope by tearing apart her family piece by piece. 

Nicole Dreams of Daniel - Days of Our Lives

Choose the best and the worst of the Valentine’s Day fantasies?

Jack: I liked all the fantasies but Nicole's was the most poignant. No real lows but Theresa's was the silliest.

UhSir:  Best-Ciara. I loved the mention of her growing up overnight. I've been struggling to accept this teenage Ciara but I think this dream has fixed that. I'm looking forward to Dark Ciara, but I hope not too dark. Worst-Rafe. I'm absolutely not interested in this instant "love" between Rafe and Hope.

Christine: I actually hated Ciara’s dream sequence. It made me cringe. As Jack mentioned, Nicole’s was the most poignant and the most realistic which for me, made it the best. All of the others I found pretty silly. 

Will Victor forgive Philip for lying to him?

Jack: I hope so. Maybe with Maggie's help he can see that Philip was caught up in Deimos' web and didn't know how to get out of it.

UhSir: Of course he will. Victor has lost too much family, he's not going to drive Philip away. I think he'll make Philip work at getting back his trust.

Christine: I hope so, because they need one another. Hopefully Maggie can help. But I am disappointed in Philip. He’s still reacting to things like a guilty teenager instead of a grown man. 

What, if anything disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: Steve not telling Kayla the truth. Also, no JJ this week, not even in the dream sequences. He should have been there to try to forge a relationship with Chase, who has taken over his role of the lost, hurt boy who thinks he's no good because of his father.

UhSir: The very end on Friday with Nicole. I expected her dream would start her on coming out of her depression, or at least hint at it. That closing scene wiped out all of the happy feelings from the episode. I understand showing that Valentine's Day can be depressing for some people but don't end the episode on that note.

Christine: Definitely Steve not telling Kayla the truth. They both deserve better and I hate that Ava is headed back to Salem. That’s the one silly Valentine’s fantasy I wish had been real…someone shooting Ava so that she’d be gone for good. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or story from the week?

Jack: I loved Daniel's advice to Nicole in her dream sequence and dream Abigail declaring she is nobody's possession. Also, Andre and Chase's scene gave me the chills and Andre was channeling Daniel so well it made me miss him all over again!

UhSir: It's a toss-up between Deimos and Andre. I'll give it to Andre because of the scene of him making up the dialogue while he watched Hope and Rafe via the hidden camera.

Christine: Doug and Julie sharing some romance on Valentine’s Day and then Andre setting Hope’s house on fire because I just didn’t see that one coming and I love being surprised.

If you missed a thing, you can check out our Days of Our Lives recap and review right her at TV Fanatic. 

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