DC's Legends of Tomorrow Round Table: Bloodlust Burnout

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We're discussing different pairings, bloodlust and baby Snart among other things on the DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 3 round table, so this is the time to join in the conversation!

TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Jay Ruymann, Meg Bonney, Hank Otero and Carissa Pavlica have gotten things started for you, so share your thoughts in the comments!

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What were your thoughts on Stein and Ray finally working together and airing their issues?

Jim: I enjoyed how they worked together. It was nice to see Stein help him get over his crisis of confidence so that they could work together to save Kendra.

Jay: I agree. I like that they're pairing together different characters each week, and Stein and Ray, the two brainiacs of the team, butted heads for the first two episodes, so it's good that they raised the stakes to bring them together quickly.

Meg: I love this pairing! These two go together nicely but with just enough conflict to keep it interesting. Palmer needed that kick from Stein. I hope we see more from these two.

Hank: I'm with Jay, love the different pairings each week. The voyage through Kendra's bloodstream was a blast. I feel like that is something we probably would not see even on The Flash. However, Stein lying his way out of situations is bugging me a bit. Maybe it is me, but I'm losing some respect for the guy.

Carissa: I'm with Hank. Stein's on my crap list. I don't believe for a second he doesn't have the mental capacity to remember great students, and even though lying to Ray got the job done, toying with him when he really doesn't remember him isn't funny. The guy is a bit of a know it all, who apparently doesn't know it all.

Were you surprised Jax went so easily with Snart and Rory, and where do you expect him to fit in overall?

Jim: He's loves being on a team, apparently that includes being the get-away driver for two criminals. I wonder how Jax did it highschool with peer pressure as he seemed to buckle pretty quickly.

Jay: I honestly don't know. Perhaps Jim is right and this was just showing Jax as eager to be part of a team, but a team is only as good as each individual and Jax doesn't seem to be his own person.

Meg: I was surprised! But I got the feeling that he was just really eager to prove his worth to someone. Maybe he thought that he could control some of the crazy if he was there to supervise.

Hank: Jax was forced on this mission through time against his will. He's a young man eager to prove himself. I am not sure he sees Snart and Rory as bad guys, but teammates. When push comes to shove, I'm pretty sure he would make the decent decision despite what the other two thought.

Thoughts on Snart meeting little Leo and changing time?

Jim: It was a good example of how time seems to be self-correcting to some degree. Which was a nice way to show why the "butterfly effect" wasn't happening every time they talked to someone.

Jay: I agree with Jim, it was crucial to showing that despite their meddling, time will (usually) fix itself.

Meg: I really liked that moment between them in the hallway. And the whole thing showed that even if they changed the details of the past, it didn't change Snart's Dad, as a person. He was still a crook.

Hank: It was probably my favorite moment from this episode. Snart is such a complex character, it's a shame he always seems to make bad decisions. I will say, I am enjoying Wentworth Miller far more on Legends than Flash (and I already loved him on The Flash).

Carissa: Loved that Snart was trying to change things for his family. I've always known he was gooey inside. And he did it! As a commenter pointed out to me, he wasn't just being snarky when he said after the fact that he dad was a criminal, but at least he never laid a hand on them. He changed things! Will be interesting to see how this affects Snart going forward.

What did you think of Sara and the bloodlust given what we had just learned on Arrow?

Jim: Apparently the writers for Arrow and the writers for this show need to have a meeting. One show saying she is whole and the very next show saying she still has the blood lust just comes across as bad story development.

Jay: I am extremely frustrated. So on Arrow, Sara's bloodlust is gone, and on Legends, she still has it. Maybe it's not as bad, since she was magically restored? One way they could twist it is that Sara's won't kill her because she was magically resurrected, but these writers need to have a meeting.

Meg: I am actually really over the whole blood lust thing. I like it on my vampire shows, not so much on my super hero shows.

Hank: I might be wrong, but I thought Constantine simply restored her soul since she was dead for so long. I don't remember them stating that her bloodlust was completely gone. Sara's case is very different from Thea Queen. Still, on Arrow Merlyn did warn everyone that you don't return quite the same from the pit.

Carissa: If it hadn't just been address on Arrow, making it seem as though being whole was completely different and better than Thea's condition, I'd be OK with it. But Sara hardly seemed OK. And, yeah, I'm kind of over the bloodlust, especially since Sara never had problems with killing before the lust.

Who was your MVP of the week? We'll keep this up just while we're settling in!

Jim: Even with the blood lust "inconsistency," my MVP pick is Sara. She looked great in that dress and was still able to kick enough ass to get them into the event. I'm really enjoying her character development.

Jay: Snart. This was crucial to seeing him as deeper than a thief and a liar. His childhood shaped him and I hope they delve deeper into his past, as well as everyone else's.

Meg: Rip. He really grew in this episode. By facing his own issues and his inability to kill Savage, he let his guard down in front of Sara. Picking the team is great, but by opening up and relying on Sara, he became part of the team.

Hank: I'm torn, while I loved Sara's role and ass kickin' this week, Snart's quiet moment with his younger self really tugged at my heartstrings. Two MVPs for me!

Carissa: I'm with Hank again. Dual for me. Snart for being human and caring about his family and Sara because I realized she's the only one on the team without powers or a weapon, and she's the one designated to go in to kick ass. I just love that.

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