DC's Legends of Tomorrow Round Table: Is Stein Yoda or an Angry Old Man?

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Is Stein working as a character? That's one thing discussed on the DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 4 round table, as well as his argument with Jax, Sara training Kendra and Snart besting Palmer with the ladies.

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Meg Ryan, Jay Ruymann and Hank Otero for some Legendary discussion. All you need to do is pop your thoughts into the comments!

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It was time for Stein and Jax to argue this week. Thoughts on that?

Jim: Its getting kind of old actually. They've been together for months, this seems like some of the stuff they would have hashed out in prior to us catching up with them.

Meg: I get the tension and all, but I feel like they should be in a better place than this by now. I want them to move on now because, like Jim said, them fighting is getting old.

Jay: I agree, I'm kind of bored with it. They should have found a balance by now, since it's months after we saw them on the Flash, but instead they fight like children.

Hank: I agree, the relationship needs to evolve. Their constant bickering is bugging me, and aside from '70's Stein, I am not enjoying him on this show. Hopefully Jax gets some cool stuff to do, other than whine and complain about grey.

What are your overall thoughts on Stein as a character? Is he working for you?

Jim: Overall, yeah he is. He has a bit of a "yoda" vibe going with the experience and wisdom thing, but he's also cocky and arrogant which has made for some dangerous situations.

Meg: If they tone back the angry nagging a bit, I'd like him more. It's just sort of nonstop right now, and it's super annoying.

Jay: I'm over him. It's one thing to be the wise old man, who tries to teach from experience, but Stein gets angry when things don't go his specific way.

Hank: Darn, got ahead of myself. See question #1. I'm with Meg, he is just way too angry and nasty. Dial it down a notch, guys. I want to like Garber's character, but we're definitely not there yet.

Palmer and Snart going up for the same woman. Did you see that coming? Thoughts?

Jim: I totally knew she was Snart's type of woman over Palmer. There was no way Palmer was going to be able to play in that league!

Meg: I loved this pairing! These two are such opposites but they worked surprisingly well together. I like them as romantic rivals and I sort of see some foreshadowing maybe? I still think they will both fall for Sara at some point.

Jay: I really enjoyed these two together. Obviously Ray was way out of his league with that whole situation, so it was interesting to see Snart teach the billionaire genius a thing or two.

Hank: I did see that one coming, actually. Ray has always been more of a goofy genius, even with Felicity. Snart is just smooth, it was clear he'd win that one.

What did you think of Sara "training" Kendra and Rip's reasoning behind it?

Jim: I liked it, they are a bit of a Yin and Yang at the moment with Kendra needing to embrace her warrior and Sara needing to embrace her Humanity more.

Meg: I really liked them together, helping each other. Kendra needs someone to help her and guide her but also believe in her. Without Carter, she lost her faith in her abilities so having Sara step in was great. I liked that switch when it was Kendra trying to help Sara. I hope we see more of them together.

Jay: I agree. Sara and Kendra are both suffering from a similar thing: they've both lost themselves, especially in battle. Rip having these two train together was dangerous, but maybe that's what they needed.

Hank: For me, the characters seem too similar right now. I wasn't expecting Kendra to have the "bloodlust" (aka anger issue) as well. The training was fun, and I liked the pairing. I just wish I found Kendra more compelling. Even with the whole immortality backstory, she is just not working for me.

MVP of the week?

Jim: I'm giving it to Snart, him stealing key cards and wallets at every turn had me laughing pretty good.

Meg: Snart! He was so very cool (pun intended!) and calm no matter what was happening. You also really saw that he cares about his team after they all get captured. The wallet stealing was the best and I loved when he caught that officer as she slipped. He is like the Casanova of criminals.

Jay: I'm going to say Kendra. I'm interested in this new shift and her life outside of Hawkman and blossoming friendship with Sara. She has a lot of potential.

Hank: Yep, I'm on Team Snart as well. Maybe it's me, but Captain Cold is one of the few characters that is even cooler (pun intended) than on The Flash. Snart and Sara are easily my favorite characters on Legends.

Any other thoughts on this installment?

Jim: Its interesting that Rory knew that the Time Lords were trying to kill Hunter when he couldn't see it. Glad he trusts his team.

Meg: I am really starting to like Rip. He isn't as flat as he used to be and has really grown into a leader. Each time he is paired with a team member, we get to see more of his personality come out.

Jay: When is Rory going to get his own story?

Hank: I enjoyed that we moved away from Vandal Savage this episode. The whole Russian spy thing was a total blast. I can't put my finger on it, but Savage isn't impressing me. Considering he is this season's big bad, they need to make him more menacing. Let's just say I didn't mind his absence and that is not a good thing.

Don't forget to watch the exciting conclusion to this hour on Thursday with DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 5, "Fail-Safe" Enjoy a photo preview, below!

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