Family Guy Season 14 Episode 14 Review: Underage Peter

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What would Peter do if he couldn't drink?

It's not something he has to worry about for too long on Family Guy Season 14 Episode 14, especially when he has a best friend like Brian to save his drinking days.

Though, it does seem that Peter is a pretty good knitter.

Is it any surprise that Peter would be the one responsible for Mayor West raising Quahog's drinking age to 50? He said it best when he told Brian later in the episode:

I'm not the smartest man in the world, but I can always look back on my life and say I went for it.

Give Peter credit for seeing the truth.

It all starts at the Clam when Cleveland puts hot sauce on his fries. I guess Peter has never tried hot sauce before, because when he takes a taste, he is almost surprised at how much he burns up.

Sometimes I think Quagmire does things to Peter just to amuse himself. He offers Peter 10 bucks to drink a shot glass full of hot sauce, and Peter, looking to make some easy cash, but probably more because he's an idiot, takes him up on the offer.

This leads to the rest guys offering him 10 bucks to do other stupid stuff. Are you really surprised that Peter doesn't change his underwear?

A drunk Cleveland joins in on the action with the stupidest idea of them all when he tells an even drunker Peter to drink as much water as he can from the fire hydrant. 

After Cleveland opens up the hydrant,  the force of the water pushes Peter through the library, destroying it. This causes weirdo Mayor West to raise the drinking age to 50, because stupid grown men like Peter can't control themselves. 

So the guys try a bunch of different ways to get alcohol, even going into a prison where Peter thinks prisoners make wine in the toilet. They don't. He's drinking pee....gross! But I guess when you're desperate....

When they return to the Clam they see Brian drinking and learn that he is 56 in dog years, making him legal. Brian buys them alcohol, and they all love him, even Quagmire. They play drinking games, including taking body shots off each other. Since Brian has no belly button, all he can do is watch.

The crazy things people do when they're drunk.

Brian is now part of the group, and in feeling loved, is blind by what is really happening. He and Peter become closer, but as Stewie points out, it's only because Brian can buy him alcohol.

Brian doesn't want to believe it and even questions Peter about it. Of course, Peter lies, because after all, he doesn't want his well to run dry.  But when a cop shows up and catches Peter drinking, Peter is quick to rat out Brian for buying the alcohol.

Brian gets arrested while Peter is released. While Brian is doing community service, Peter has the gall to approach him about buying more alcohol. It's actually quite funny that Peter would even think Brian would consider it.

When Brian expresses his anger, Peter does what any good friend would do to make a point: drink hot beer and burp in their friend's face. That made me laugh. It really was a better-than-Homer burp.

In his semi-drunken state, Peter calls the cop a pig and ends up serving alongside Brian. Eventually, the two decide to confront Mayor West about repealing the law, bringing along Bruce and his boyfriend, because laws get repealed when gays get angry.  

We want that drinkin' law gone, and everybody knows the best way to get any law struck down is to get the gays angry about it.

After an impassioned speech about the need to drink, West repeals the law, and everyone lives happily ever after, especially Chris with his Yanket. 

Only Peter would come up with a product like the Yanket, I can't decide if this or the pot boiling cutaway was better. Both were hilarious.

So what was the lesson to be learned this time around? Fake friends or idiotic laws? Or just idiotic guys trying to make a few bucks? Who cares as long as there are laughs, and there were plenty in "Underage Peter."

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Underage Peter Review

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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 14 Quotes

I can get people to pay me 10 bucks just for doing stupid stuff?


Oh, yeah. Black guys put hot sauce on everything on account most of us have been pepper-sprayed by the time we're two.