Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Rule #876: Everything Does Not Happen for a Reason

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Where to even begin?!

There was so much to love about Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 12, but it's almost horrible to say that when it contained so much sadness!

The thing is, you can almost feel the happiness ripping at the edges of each of the ladies who are otherwise suffering. It's right there, within their grasp, whether with a man they don't quite see clearly or with their friends, they have so much to fill their lives with love and light.

It's just not always easy to see when you're falling apart at the seams.

Crying Delia - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 12

For a penultimate episode, this was fabulous. I admit I've done a lot of complaining this season, but this was simply wonderful. So many feelings; joy and hope and heartbreak and loss. Each and every one of them was valid, as well.

Since Phoebe made her decision to stick with JD and make a go of it, she was the glue that was holding her group together. But she wasn't alone. Barbara has started fitting in very well with the girlfriends, and it's so nice to have her pragmatic outlook on things.

When you think back to Barbara's first meeting with Abby, you'd never think she'd be worried enough about her new team mate that she'd be party to breaking into her house to save her from herself as she did here. The "Ugh, naked" remark when she say Abby's towel fall made me laugh out loud.

Abby was so caught up in finishing her book so she could write her SheShe articles she closed everyone out. Or so they thought. She really shut the door when she was spotted out and about in connection with Harris. Her strange reaction to his published book set the public against her in a terrible way.

They savagely attacked her online and everyone was worried. It was bad enough she was buried in work and distanced due to her argument with Delia, but the online harassment was too much.

It was so sad that she missed the bachelorette party, wasn't it? 

Delia, Jo and Phoebe looked so adorable and were having so much fun doing girly things, even sucking on dick candy. Abby already missed that and the girls were trying to make sure she didn't miss even more. 

Who said it, Phoebe? Sure, in a few years you'll forget about the fight. She, Delia and Jo have that bachelorette party forever and Abby wasn't a part of it. She'll always be the unanswered text. I'm so glad they talked her into going to Delia's before it was too late.

Can you even imagine if she hadn't been there for what eventually went down with Delia and Gordon?

You're Uninvited - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

I'm still not sure what Delia ultimately wanted from her life. From the previews for Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 13, I assume she eventually realizes that she'll be fine. A real marriage to Gordon wasn't what she wanted and if Albert's attempt to get her included sabotaging her wedding, then he's worthless.

But what a terrible lesson to have to learn. With as gun shy as Delia was about marriage, that she had to go through this at all is nightmarish at best. In another time, it would probably send her to the nunnery. 

Gordon wasn't just angry, he was vengeful. It's not difficult to put yourself into his shoes and realize you may have made the same decision in the heat of the moment, but wouldn't it have been easier to leave her at the alter?

I thought maybe he would force Delia to walk down and he would skip out. Would love make you want to hurt the other person so badly in front of a cast of hundreds?

And what about Albert? It had to be him who sent the photos to Gordon with the hopes of stopping the wedding in its tracks, right? But would he really think anything could be gained by the action? Would his wife still be holding onto the anger after she received her pot of gold at the hands of Delia?

Hopefully we find it all out in the finale.

All wasn't well with Abby, still. All the work she did on the book while in a manic state was, essentially, useless. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Jake is back. I still think he's her one and only. 

I saved the best for last. Scott was still walking on eggshells around Jo. It all culminated in one of the best, most awesome displays of hot guy RomCom behavior ever shown on a primetime series.

Pretty in Pink is 30 years old this month. As an adult, this was my dream. For a man to talk about me using the words exhausting, hot, exhilarating and weird. Someone to tell me I infuriate them, that they think of me all the time and they're in love with me. It was perfect. 

Scott: God woman you are difficult! You just lock your jaws and won't let go. And I am helpless. Every time. I am completely helpless against you, Jo. The way we fight. God. It's exhausting and hot and exhilirating and frankly, weird, but you know what? I cannot imagine sparring with anyone else, ever.
Jo: I'm sure there are plenty of ladies out there you can swordfight.
Scott: No, no, no. See, now I believe that all of those were just replacements for you, Josephine. They...those women, they were just one off and goodbye. But you, I can't stop thinking about you. I wake up and I cannott stop thinking about how we might be together. I am, God help me, I am in love with you.

Honestly, I just rewound and played it again. The end result? Tears welling up in my eyes. If anyone wasn't a sucker for that scene, please tell me. What would you have changed? Scott + Jo = YES!

For the finale, I'm hoping Delia realizes she's happy with her friends and her life. Phoebe with JD, even if it's moving at the speed of light. Abby must recognize Jake is always there. She needs to quit trying to find what's wrong and making it happen. Jo and Scott are a happy ending.

There has to be a start contrast to the terribly tragic walk down the aisle. The ladies will make that seem like a distant memory. Right? Right!

Am I wrong? What are your hopes? What shocked you? Don't forget, you can see it all again when you watch Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce online!

Rule #876: Everything Does Not Happen for a Reason Review

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I will no longer be punished! Anymore! You can take your trolley, and you can take your ticket, and you can shove it up your aaaasssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!