Guess Those Abs - TV Edition!

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Alright ladies and gentlemen...

Do you think you know your bare-chested fellas?

Would you know the men even with their heads lopped off if they came to you without a shirt?


Do you spend a little too much time wondering what's underneath the clothing the wardrobe department works very hard to make the man?

You do know there awards given for what covers the chest, right?

What's under it? Well, it has no lines. It does nothing but accompany the actor!

Have you even stopped to read this?

Hey! Look up here!! I was trying to entertain you with a little something BEFORE you starting trying guess the abs.

Oh well, let's be honest. I went straight to skin, too. 

Did any of them trip you up? Did having the show with the photo help? Are are you too busy drooling to care?? 

Report back!!

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