How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Annalise + Baby?!?!

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Did Annalise survive the shooting?

That was the number one question on many fans minds heading into How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 10 and we got the answer rather quickly. And while that reveal wasn't a necessarily a shock, the person claiming responsibility for the act wasn't quite what we expected.

Add that surprise to a shocking revelation from Annalise's past and you got one doozy of a midseason premiere. Join round table veterans Miranda Wicker, Rachel Miller, Amanda Steinmetz and Whitney Evans as they react to another explosive episode!

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1. What was your favorite scene?

Miranda: I loved everyone gathering around in Frank's apartment trying to carry on like nothing happened. Runner up goes to Connor and Oliver trying to help Asher deal.

Rachel: I loved seeing Annalise explain her plan to Caleb in order to pin everything on Phillip. It was brilliant.

Amanda: I agree with Miranda about the dinner scene at Frank's. All I kept thinking was how in the hell are none of these people in therapy and/or crying in the fetal position at this point?

Whitney: Even though we were left without any answers, I enjoyed the confrontation between Wes and Annalise. As worried as she's been about him, actually seeing Wes clearly brought about a whole host of emotions she wasn't prepared for. It was an incredibly tense scene and a highlight of the episode for me.

2. Were you surprised Laurel covered for Wes?

Miranda: Not at all. Of all of them, Laurel is the one who has the fortitude to keep covering up their crimes and keep quiet about it. If anyone ISN'T going to crack, it's going to be her. It wasn't shocking to me at all that she covered for him.

Rachel: Nope. Laurel seems to be the only one out of the bunch that is able to think straight while under pressure. She’s able to think quickly and like Miranda said, Laurel is the only one that isn’t going to crack.

Amanda: I wasn't surprised at all. There's still so much we haven't learned about Laurel and her family, but she's clearly able to keep calm in a crisis. She's quick on her feet and far more rational and emotionally stable than Wes.

Whitney: I was initially surprised, but then the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Laurel is the sensible, practical one of the group and by taking the blame, she knew that was the best chance the group had of actually sticking together to try and pull this off.

3. What do you make of Asher's assertion that his father was murdered?

Miranda: It's all part of the plan, y'all. Asher knows his father wasn't murdered. I'm pretty sure Bonnie and Annalise are trying to frame Emily Sinclair for it.

Rachel: I agree with Miranda, it’s all part of this crazy plan. Annalise and crew are notorious for setting people up.

Amanda: I hope that Asher doesn't really feel that way. I didn't think about his statement being a part of a grand plan, but that would make sense.

Whitney: It never even dawned on me that it was part of a bigger plan. I really assumed it was just Asher trying to absolve himself of any guilt he felt. Damn this show for being so twisty!

4. Annalise was pregnant 10 years ago. React!

Miranda: I totally thought she was going to be Wes' mother. Now I really want to know what happened to her baby.

Rachel: For the longest, I thought Annalise was Wes’ biological mother. I’m really looking forward to knowing more about Annalise’s involvement with Wes and his mother.

Amanda: I'm in the camp that never thought Annalise was Wes' mother. Their relationship has far too many sexual undertones. However, I was very surprised to see Annalise pregnant. Did something happen to the baby before it was born? Did she give it away? I'm so curious about new development.

Whitney: I was never of the belief that Annalise was Wes's mother and although technically the jury is still out on that, I think this new development puts more water on that flame. I have the same questions as Amanda. Namely, what happened to that baby?

5. What are you hoping gets resolved before the end of the season?

Miranda: Absolutely everything. Every episode just leaves me with more and more questions. What happened in Wes' childhood and how did Annalise come to be in his orbit?

Rachel: I’m excited to find out Annalise’s connection to Wes. We pretty much know everyone’s backstory except for Wes and Annalise.

Amanda: I want to learn the entire story behind Annalise's connection to Wes. Also, someone needs to learn that Frank was the one who killed Lila. It could literally be anyone. I just want someone to find out!

Whitney: I'm with Amanda again. I'd like some closure to some of things from How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 that haven't been explained yet. I also need to know what the story is with Annalise and Wes.

Don't forget to tune into How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 11 this Thursday!

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Annalise: Why'd you do it? You told them that you did it.
Laurel: I don't know. I just, I got scared. And they already blame Wes for Sam and he would just fall apart if they blamed him for this too.

Bonnie: Annalise?
Annalise: I finally got it to calm down.