iZombie Round Table: A Major Freak Out and a Minor Loss

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Everybody had sex on the brain in iZombie Season 2 Episode 11 and we weren't complaining! 

There were new hook-ups, a saucy Kristen Bell cameo and one very sad farewell. Things got rather intense for our crew, so at least they had a good time doing it! 

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Caralynn Lippo, Amanda Steinmetz and Meg Bonney as they talk about "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter," including their thoughts on all of the steamy hook-ups! Join in! 

Izombie Round Table

Poor Minor! What was your reaction to Major leaving Minor on the bus? 

Amanda: Major leaving Minor on the bus was cold. I get that he was worried about the microchip, but it still hurt. I hope that Minor ends up in a good home with a nice family. 

Caralynn: So sad!! So very sad. The reasoning behind it made sense, but it still hurt my heart for Major (and the dog). Major is very much alone now. That dog was like the one thing anchoring him post breakup with Liv, I think. This bodes badly for Major, I'm pretty sure.

Jim: At least he didn't just leave him roaming the streets where he could get hurt. I guess if you have to abandon a dog that is the safest way to do it. I'm still sad that he did it.  

Meg: That was so sad! Minor really grounded Major after his months of crazy. I hope we get to see a reunion with these two. I get why he did it, but it still broke my heart.

Peyton learns the truth about Blaine. Knowing who he really is now, will she keep working with him to get info on Mr. Boss?

Amanda: I was shocked that Peyton learned the truth about Blaine so quickly, but I'm glad. There are too many secrets going around, especially between Major and Liv. Peyton was clearly devastated, but it's better she found out now than later. I don't know if she'll keep up appearances for the sake of her case, but she'd be smarter to stay away. 

Caralynn: I was 100% not expecting it to come out that fast either. The scene was totally awesome though, and spoke volumes for Liv and Peyton's wonderful friendship. I can't see Peyton continuing to work with Blaine, knowing what he's done. If I were her, every time I looked at him I'd feel nauseous and disgusted (though of course the hook-up was so. damn. hot).

Jim: I'm not sure which way she will go. While I would like to say she will stop working with him, she might just as easily decided to try and get dirt on him to put him in jail for Liv's sake. I don't think we get Peyton enough credit some days for just how strong she is now.  

Meg: I feel like she will continue to work with him for the sake of her case (and for the drama of the show) but hopefully she will be a little more careful when interacting with Blaine. I LOVED that the truth came out so fast.

Liv was on lusty librarian brain. What were your thoughts on that? 

Amanda: This was a pretty entertaining (if not tame) attempt at sexing up the show. I'll take Kristen Bell however I can get her, so I loved the voice overs. 

Caralynn: I thought it was hilarious. Rose McIver has such fantastic comedic timing, and this episode gave her great opportunity to show that off. I wanted more Kristen Bell voiceovers, though! It was less than I was expecting.

Jim: It was pretty funny. I hope they do more of the humorous brains, we've seen so many destructive brains (gambling, drinking, etc), its nice to see one that could be done tongue-n-cheek (see what I did there).  

Meg: I loved this! This show has been lacking in the romance department, so it was a welcomed brain! For an erotica writer brain, this was pretty tame, with the most racy moment being Kristen Bell’s super brief voice cameo.

Drake and Liv hooked up! How do you feel about them together?

Amanda: Drake seems like a nice enough guy, but I didn't exactly see any sparks before the hook up. Maybe if we get to know him better, he'll leave a more lasting impression. Drake is no Major or Lowell yet. 

Caralynn: He's easy on the eyes, that’s for sure, but I agree with Amanda. Didn't see any sparks until Liv got all sexed up thanks to that erotica brain. My reading of that was that Liv is just using him in a friends with benefits capacity (because she's safe from infecting him -- he's the only eligible zombie around, at the moment). I don't see it turning into anything serious, though.

Jim: Amanda, Caralynn lets be honest, Drake is pretty damn hot. When he took his shirt off, I looked at my wife (who was smiling) and said "Ok, even I would sleep with him." My man-crush aside, I could understand Liv needing some physical contact that she didn't have to worry about hurting the other person.  

Meg: I am still not sure if I trust Drake, but it was fun to see them together! Even zombies need some love. But I agree with Amanda, he is no Major or Lowell. (Awww, Lowell)

Peyton and Blaine also slept together. React! 

Amanda: I saw this development coming a mile away. Frankly, I think there's more heat between Peyton and Blaine than we ever saw between Peyton and Ravi. However, Peyton needs to stay far away from Blaine. He's a murderer and nothing but bad news. 

Caralynn: That hook-up was fire. So hot. It's so wrong, but I'm such a fan. David Anders (Blaine) could have incredible chemistry with a toaster oven, but he and Aly Michalka (Peyton) were really wonderful together. The flirtiness, the sexual tension, it was all fantastic. Ravi and Peyton were cute, but this was on another level. I'm trying really hard to convince myself not to root for these two, because Blaine is an objectively terrible person, but I can't help it. I'm shipping #Paine all the way.

Jim: While I will agree I saw it coming I also spent the entire time going "ewwwwwww." I want to see Peyton and Ravi back together, sure they needed some help, but they were so cute together!

Meg: I am such a sucker for the bad boy! I loved this, even though it’s so bad for Peyton. Hopefully this lusty encounter will keep her safe. It’s a stretch, but maybe Blaine will become a little more protective of her if he develops feelings for her. Peyton has entered a pretty scary zone now that she is going after Mr. Boss. Being close to a crazed lunatic might actually help her in this case.

Make sure you tune into iZombie Season 2 Episode 12 on Tuesday and be back here for a full review afterward! Until then, check out the photos from the installment below to get your zombie fix!


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