iZombie Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Physician, Heal Thy Selfie

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The three missing heads did show up eventually, but Liv and Clive had to find them using police work, not Liv's zombie vision! LOL #3HeadsAreBetterThanNone

With no vic to munch on in iZombie Season 2 Episode 12, Ravi pulls a random brain for Liv. Luckily Liv is able to eat a millennial brain to get by. #blessed

Seeing our society's new "norm" on screen is scary, as Liv embodies the modern twenty-something. Her constant social media obsessions gave us lots of laughs, but it was the hefty helping of plot that kept us hooked in this episode. 

One hundred fifty three people watched you unpack a box. How? Why?


Nothing was random about these murders, and they tied into all of this season's major plots: Mr. Boss, Chaos Killer murders and Major's resistance to Max Rager's zombie murdering demands.

Peyton staying on the Mr. Boss case has Ravi (and us) worried for her safety. Maybe sticking with Blaine wouldn't be such a bad idea for Peyton. I have a feeling he wouldn't let anything happen to her.  

Call me crazy, but when Peyton dismisses Blaine, he looks genuinely hurt, and for a brief moment, so does Peyton. She is doing the right thing. (If we keep repeating that, we will believe it too, right?!)

For the record, all you are to me is a mistake.


The creeps at Max Rager make even the worst zombies look like angels. Nobody likes trolls on the internet, but attacking them and even killing them is a whole new level of insane. 

How is it possible that everyone working at Max Rager just goes along with all of these crazy plans? There has to be at least one sane person in the building, aside from Major. 

Peyton and Ravi's bonding and drinking reminded us how sweet these two could be together. It truly feels like they are securely planted in friendship land, which I may prefer to them as a couple. 

Apparently, Peyton is a power drinker, and Ravi just can't hang. The fact that he pushes through his hangovers to drink with her again each night really shows his devotion to her. 

Let's talk about Liv and her new boy. Drake is clearly mixed up in some pretty bad stuff. He is one of Blaine's guys and connected to Mr. Boss, but is he as bad as all of that? That remains open.

The scene with Drake's mother was a game changer for us and for Liv. Sure, he did some time, but it was in defense of his dear, sweet Mom.

Is it possible that this mama's boy is a bad dude? Then again, so many prisoners have "MOM" tattooed on their arm, so maybe that's not a great indicator. 

It's not clear just how deep he is into all of this drug scene, but we know that he is linked to the "new player in town" in the drug game. Liv thinks it's Blaine, but what if...it's Drake?


Buzzfeed teaches us that when a man abruptly changes his plans, he's up to no good.


I thought for sure that there would be some connection to the millennial brain, who was the victim of a bus crash and Minor. That felt like a missed opportunity, but if we can trust anyone with complex plot weaving, it's Rob Thomas. 

If you missed any of it, you can watch iZombie online! Hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the episode! 

Physician, Heal Thy Selfie Review

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