Lucifer Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Would-Be Prince of Darkness

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I really wish Lucifer would  make up his mind, because once again, he's become quite boring.

On Lucifer Season 1 Episode 3 it's another murder of the week to solve with Chloe, but this time Lucifer discovers there's an imposter running around town pretending to be him. 

This almost sends Lucifer off the evil deep end, but he controls himself, much to Maze's (and my) disappointment.

Okay. I admit. I really want Lucifer to do some Lucifer-y things. Sometimes, he's right on the cusp of doing something evil, but then he backs away. I just wish, for once (and, yes, I know, this only the third episode), that he would let his evil fly.

I'm not talking about him urging a girl to jump off a mid-roof into a pool, or trying to convince a virgin football star to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. That's all pretty yawn inducing.

What I want is to see is him following through on the anger he showed towards the imposter, Justin. He wanted to destroy him. He talked about all sorts of evil tortures to bestow on him.

Maze was getting it all ready in her head. He was finally going there. And then...pop went the balloon.

Sure, I understand that Chloe and Dan were waiting in the wings to arrest Ronnie, but couldn't Lucifer have shown a little more evil before letting this guy go?

Like maybe causing the guy to have some sort of painful hallucinations or something? Give him a taste of what could be just to scare him so he wouldn't ever even think about stealing someone's identity again?

What was the point of Lucifer going off at Dr. Martin's office about this guy? Why all the build up if there wasn't going to be a satisfying payoff?

Maybe Lucifer is the real "two-pump chump" here.

The only true anger that we really saw was when he used what seemed to be his supernatural powers to forcefully throw Joe, the agent, out the glass window. Chloe was quite astonished by that feat. So astonished, in fact, that she had to watch the forceful throw over and over again in her apartment.

Nice and convenient that there was a surveillance camera there to catch the moment so she could do that.

I think it would have been a lot more effective if he let out his evil on Justin instead. So what if Ronnie and Dan witnessed the evil along with Chloe. Joe and all the others in the room at the agency witnessed Lucifer's powers. What would have been the difference?

Oh, that's right. Lucifer's need to punish the guilty. And Joe was the bad guy. So let's shove him out the window as a way to get justice for a murdered girl that Lucifer didn't even know. Again. 

And this week's murder case (other than the imposter angle) was completely worthless. There was no "fun" to be had at all. It was trite, boring, and predictable. The minute we met Joe was the minute it was obvious he was behind Ali's murder.

Lucifer sleeping with three more women. Wow. Haven't we already seen that in every episode? We get it. Lucifer likes sex. After all, he's banging his therapist, isn't he?

I understand Lucifer has charm, but he didn't even know Ty, and Ty didn't even want to give him the time of day at the party. Yet, when he finds Ali dead in his pool, the first person he turns to is a guy he just met the night before? I'm trying really hard, but I just can't move past the illogicalness of it all.

I am intrigued, though, with Chloe's power over Lucifer. And I'm not just talking about his own fascination with why she's immune to his charms. I'm talking about how she was able to calm him down so quickly after he threw Joe out the window.

All she did was touch his chest, and his anger dissipated almost immediately. What does this mean? And why does she have this effect on him? 

Lucifer would be a much better show if it would focus more on the supernatural and less on the procedural. The procedural is excruciatingly mind-numbing. There is no point to the Devil solving murder cases. How can that be more exciting than torturing souls in Hell? 

Please, Lucifer, get your zing back, and show us what you're truly made of.

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The Would-Be Prince of Darkness Review

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