Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 21 Review: Hindsight Part 3

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Provenza would like to arrest "Reverend Cop Killer" and move on to another case already.

Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 21 was the third installment of the same case. No wonder Provenza's tired.

By the end of the hour, a new twist made things a bit more interesting, but are the detectives any closer to solving the case?

Focusing On a Detective - Major Crimes

Tao mentioned for about the fifth time that Sykes has no personal connection to Hickman. Eventually her unsanctioned interviews with him need to come out – will there be consequences?

Mark Hickman brings out the worst in all of us. Until we make an arrest, he is a distraction that we don't need.


As Raydor so eloquently points out, Hickman is a nuisance that seems to bring out every cop's worst behavior. It would be nice if his arrest meant viewers don't have to put up with him anymore, but it's doubtful.

Hickman will probably eat up a lot of screen time complaining about his arrest now that it's happened.

Hickman: When are you guys gonna stop hating me and start hating the bad guys?
Flynn: You are the bad guys.

Hickman is the worst kind of cop: the kind that does unethical things but thinks he is completely justified because it might get a bad guy off the streets. He put the detectives in the weird position of having to protect their lead suspect through his crazy behavior.

Even if Reverend Price had confessed to all the murders, it would have meant nothing. He was confessing while a gun was being held to his head. Did Hickman skip the class on rules of evidence at the Police Academy along with the one on ethics?

Daniel Price: God forgives me all my sins.
Hickman: I don't. I don't forgive you.

The most interesting question is what Price meant while that gun was being held to his head. Did he actually kill Reese? Was Hickman responsible for the other murders?

Price's lawyer is definitely shady and never misses an opportunity to accuse the cops of wrongdoing. I had the crazy idea that he was involved in the murders when the camera focused on him during the church service. Then Tao found the burner in his car.

The search was probably not much more legal than Hickman's use of a gun to force a confession. Seeing that obnoxious lawyer get some comeuppance was worth it anyway.

While the detectives were investigating the actual case, Rusty visited his bio mom in jail. This story arc is disappointing after the summer's wonderful investigative journalism story. 

What happened to Rusty going to UCLA with the support of Judge Grove's wife? That would be way more interesting than this.

Rusty's life has been threatened before by much stronger characters than Gary. This entire story is a letdown and the way Rusty goes back and forth between asserting that Sharon Raydor is his mother and trying to protect his bio mom is giving me whiplash.

It's enough. So you need to go and you need to live your life. Don't come back.

Sharon Beck

Sharon Beck had one thing right. It's enough. Let's see Rusty in a more worthwhile storyline than this one.

What did you think of "Hindsight Part 3"? Are you eager for more, or ready for this story to be over? Was Price's attorney's potential involvement in this case at all surprising to you? Weigh in below!

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Hindsight Part 3 Review

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Sanchez: Cause of death?
ME: Too much of a good thing, but that's unconfirmed.

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