Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 5 Review: The Atomic Job

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Put on your recreational tie and let's talk about Agent Carter, shall we?

While Jarvis is the one actually diffusing an atomic bomb on Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 5, it appears as though Peggy and Daniel are both facing obstacles even more difficult.

Elsewhere in Hollywood, Whitney Frost is getting stronger and a new SSR MVP rises to the top. 

We have so much to get into, so let's just dive right in!

I need an atomic bomb.


What everyone is after is an atomic bomb, one that will create an explosion and more Zero Matter. Both Whitney and Jason want more Zero Matter, each for different reasons. Jason wants to be cured and corporeal, while Whitney is on a power trip and wants the world at her fingertips. 

While the subject matter of diffusing the bombs is fairly serious, this winds up being one of the funniest hours to date for Agent Carter. 

What's your name darling?


Peggy's break-in at Roxxon was a highlight for me. Seeing Hugh get memory zapped over and over again actually made me laugh out loud. Ray Wise is much funnier than I've ever given him credit for.

I always marvel at Hayley Atwell's ability to become a chameleon as Peggy puts on new disguises. She sells every new identity she tries on. It's reminiscent of what Jennifer Garner would do on Alias, however, Hayley Atwell takes it to another level.

Because Peggy and Daniel don't know who they can trust, they have a difficult time figuring out who will come along with them on this incredibly dangerous mission. Until that little light bulb goes off in Peggy's head that screamed, "Rose."

I can't believe the Chief is letting me come on a mission!


Rose has been so underused all season. While on the surface she's excellent comic relief, on a more personal level she's important to the story. 

She knows all of the secrets. If you recall from Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 1, Rose is the one who read into Peggy's subtext and told her how Daniel was doing, without her asking. Rose is the one who reads Daniel as though he's an open book. 

Rose is an asset to Marvel's Agent Carter, as if we didn't know it already. She's wildly unafraid of anything, she's great in a crisis, she's holding the entire mission together, all on her own.

If that's not enough to convince Daniel that he's got a gem on his hands, than I don't know what will.

Bringing Dr. Samberly along for the ride was a smart choice, too. Someone's got to work all of those insane inventions, plus, I can't be the only one who saw some sparks between he and Rose, right?

With one epic slow walk that gave new meaning to #SquadGoals, Peggy and her team of avengers set off to diffuse a bomb. 

Daniel: This is a bad plan.
Jarvis: It's a horrible plan.
Peggy: It's a solid plan.

There was so much humor in that slow motion walk. They look like the most rag-tag team, with Jarvis forgetting where he parked the car, Rose putting on her gloves, and of course Dr. Samberly tripping. It's a wonder that they actually had a successful plan.

As successful as any plan goes that ends with Peggy getting impaled. 

When Peggy let go and fell, I had flashbacks to Cordelia's impalement on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and sure enough, there lay Peggy, with a pipe sticking out of her stomach. 

Peggy's impalement put things into perspective for Daniel. As Violet hurriedly tried her best to fix Peggy, there was no denying that look of fear on his face. He realized that he could lose Peggy, something he was not at all prepared to do.

Violet saw that look, as well.

I wonder where their engagement will go from here, now that Violet realizes that she isn't the only woman in Daniel's heart. I feel sorry for her, as she's really an innocent bystander in a bigger story, but she's really served her purpose.

Quite frankly, I'm surprised that he actually went through with the proposal to begin with.

Fix me? Why would I want to be fixed? I've never felt more powerful in my entire life.


Whitney Frost is getting more and more powerful as she heads toward her inevitable transformation to Madame Masque. 

While Jason feels the pull of Zero Matter, his humanity is intact enough that he can fight the feelings that draw him to it. Whitney, on the other hand, feeds off of those feelings. She fully embraces everything that she can gain from Zero Matter, and allows it to completely consume her.

Calvin's attempts to bring the Zero Matter situation, and Whitney's abilities, to the council are all thwarted. Whitney has never wanted help. She's wanted power and now she's in a position to take everything she wants. 

You know, these adventures? They're only enjoyable if you return from them.


This was a great standout episode for Jarvis, the man who, just a few episodes ago, couldn't even wrangle a flamingo. When the mission takes an unexpected turn, he realizes that he holds the fate of Los Angeles in his tiny tongs. He can handle Howard Stark's many crazy requests, so you'd think he'd have been prepared for something like this!

And just to gush about my favorite duo, Jarvis and Peggy's relationship is one of the sweetest I've seen on television in recent years. Their espionage has made them much more than partners. They're a little family in their own right. Jarvis is just as concerned as Daniel that he could lose Peggy forever. What would he do without her?

I mean, come on. She recognizes his spy tie. That's friendship. 

What did you think of "The Atomic Job" TV Fanatics? Were you glad to see some new faces step into the spotlight? Are you ready to see Violet say goodbye? Do you miss Dottie as much as I do? Sound off in the comments below!

Want to see that epic slow motion walk again? You watch Marvel's Agent Carter online, and just keep that scene on repeat. You'll laugh every time, I promise. 

Be sure to come back next week for a two-hour Marvel's Agent Carter event where we'll see what Vernon, Dottie, and Jack have been up to! 

The Atomic Job Review

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