Plot or Not? Guess the Law & Order: SVU Storylines!

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If you haven't heard, Law & Order: SVU was just renewed for an amazing 18th season.

Wow, right?

Do you think you know everything about the show? Let's find out just how much you know.

The quiz below lays before you some of the series plots from its 17-year history. With 17 years in the rear-view mirror, that's about 374 episodes. Maybe there is more than one story per episode. Maybe there's not.

Can you tell just by a little snippet whether it's a plot or not?

This should be easy for you die-hard fans. There are only eight. Guess Plot or Not and share your result!

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Amaro: In 20 minutes?

You say Rollins understands him better than anyone else? Get her up here!