Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Did Melissa Kill A?

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Will the liars learn that nothing good will come from lying?

On Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 16, Melissa was well and truly put in the frame, but is this a red herring?

Below, TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Rachel Miller and Paul Dailly are joined by Meaghan from The Hunt for A. Join in as they discuss Melissa's potential involvement, Mona's theft and Ezra's return.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Is Melissa involved, or is it another red herring?

Rachel: I’ve always wanted Melissa to be the villain; hopefully she’s truly involved this time around. If it is yet another red herring, I’d probably scream.

Jay: Isn’t she always involved? I doubt she’s the killer, mostly because there’s still over 20 more episodes before the series ends, but also because it really seems like a man who is torturing the girls. But since the series is ending so soon, it’s definitely possible.

Meaghan: It is way too early for us to get actual answers so I am going to guess she is just another red herring. Can they please start actually giving us clues to who the killer is instead of just force feeding us suspects? 

Paul: I find it hard to believe that she decided to kill Charlotte, so she ripped a bit of her suitcase off and hacked away.

Discuss Ezra's return.

Rachel: Ezra’s return was pretty predictable. I’m honestly over the whole back and forth thing going on between Ezra and Aria though. The writers have pretty much ruined any excitement of Ezra being evil when we found out he was just stalking the girls to write a book.

Jay: Yawn. Ezra and Aria’s drama is so boring and drawn out, I’m over it. Aria’s relationship with Liam hasn’t even had a chance to grow, because she’s been tied up with Ezra the entire time, like usual. 

Meaghan: I was extremely upset that the supposed reason he refused to say where he went that night was because he was protecting Ella and Byron. Didn't Ella just tell Aria the last episode that her and Byron were in her apartment the whole night? I'm still holding out hope that Byron and Ezra are protecting Aria. 

Paul: Honestly, I'm so over half of these characters and Ezra is one of them. All he wants to do is blame everyone else for everything going wrong in his life. 

What did you think of Mona's part in Spencer taking the phone?

Rachel: I actually think Mona has had a change a heart over the past five years. Hopefully the phone thing won’t come back to bite neither Spencer nor Mona in the butt, however anything and everything can go wrong in Rosewood.

Jay: Classic Mona. I love Mona so much. In her own way, it was her helping Spencer, even though it’ll most likely come back to bite them in the rear. I’m with Rachel, anything and everything can go wrong in Rosewood. 

Meaghan: Mona has been one of my favorite characters ever since she was revealed as A. I always hoped that eventually the Liars would bring her into the fold and it never really happened so I love anytime she is on the Liars side. That is probably one of the most honorable things anyone in Rosewood has ever done and I really hope she wasn't lying about her intentions. 

Paul: It sucks that we're back to wondering if Mona is the one terrorizing the girls. Been here, done that and we most certainly got the point.

Was Caleb's threat to her too much?

Rachel: Caleb is being the overprotective boyfriend yet again. He never really trusted Mona, and I honestly don’t blame him.

Jay: Caleb should stick to hacking. I can’t take him seriously when he threatens anyone, because all he’s good for is hacking and destroying a hard drive. Mona’s line to him was my favorite of the episode, their interactions are so great. “Just out of curiosity, who kisses better? Hanna, Spencer, or me?"

Meaghan: Jay, I am with you on that line. It killed me! Caleb needs to calm down. They have no reason to believe that Mona is lying at this point. Even if she was, she has proven how dangerous she can be. Is it really a good idea to threaten her? 

Paul: I found it very out of character and it was frustrating to be honest. I get that he wants to protect his girl, but he shouldn't be acting in that way.

What's coming next?

Rachel: Hopefully we get closer to solving whatever mystery the writers are trying to throw at us. I still don’t know if this new villain is actually the killer, or trying to get revenge for Charlotte’s death. It’s pretty confusing. I also want to know who the heck killed Mrs. D, and where is Jenna?

Jay: I hope we find out who killed Mrs. D and if they’re connected to Charlotte. I’m confused as to what the actual overarching story is this season, because so far, its just been relationship drama.

Meaghan: About 20 more red herrings before we actually find out who killed Cece (is it bad that I can't bring myself to refer to her as Charlotte?). At this point I wouldn't be surprised if it was Tippy the bird getting revenge. I also want it be made clear whether or not Big Bad is actually Uber A or if they are two separate villains. I still believe that there was someone pulling the strings all along when Mona was A and even when Cece was. So, I am really hoping that is the case and that person is Uber A and Big Bad simply just wants revenge for Cece's death. 

Paul: I have no idea. They really need to get the story back on track because they're alienating a lot of long term fans and it's annoying.

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