Ray Donovan Season 4 Taps Gabriel Mann for Recurring Role

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Gabriel Mann will be doing some business on Ray Donovan.

The Revenge star has secured a role on Ray Donovan Season 4 as an aggressive attorney named Jacob Waller with high profile clients. 

Gabe Mann Donovan

Mann's role will be for at least three episodes of the Showtime series starring Liev Schrieber.

Considering Ray Donovan's line of work, as a professional fixer, chosen to make the highly irregular problems of the elite and famous disappear without getting out to the public, it seems like Mann and Schrieber might work closely together.

A good attorney, after all, might want a fixer such as Ray on their payroll, keeping their clients safe and happy.

What do you think? Is this a good fit for Mann?

If you can't get your Nolan Ross spinoff, will this do in the meantime?

Ray Donovan Season 4 will air on Showtime later in 2016.

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