Shades of Blue Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Fall of Man

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Oh. My. God! Seriously, with all the twists that this show has already delivered, Shades of Blue Season 1 Episode 6 still managed to stun me with a turn I never saw coming.

Actually, more than one and I’m still trying to catch my breath.

Once again, Harlee found herself between a rock and a hard place in both her personal and professional lives, and while it appeared she was able to handle the one, the other completely imploded.

At first I couldn’t figure out why she would go visit Miguel in prison – until it became clear that she was playing him. He doesn’t know that she’s the one who set him up for murder, so in order to keep up the charade, she has to make it appear that she’s trying to help him prove his innocence.

The only problem with that is that Harlee just realized that by setting up her ex, she let the real murderer go free, and Frank Kovach is a really bad guy. Stupid too, because who doesn’t realize that slugging a cop in the face is going to come back to bite them? 

But let’s deal with the personal issue first. Cristina found Miguel’s letter to and decided to go see him in prison. She wanted the truth, and it was clear she wasn't getting that from mom. Thankfully, the prison wouldn’t let her in. 

Harlee played this one smart. She gave Cristina enough of the truth to cover the lie. Cristina certainly doesn’t want to believe that her father used to beat her mom and is now in prison. It’s probably easier to believe he’s some guy who walked away, and Harlee’s story let’s her do that. 

Of course that doesn’t mean the truth won’t come out, especially if Miguel somehow gets out of prison. 

Loman’s big secret made the papers after Internal Affairs closed their investigation and released his name to the public. How did he ever think that dating Erica and befriending JJ would end well? By trying to assuage his conscience, he probably ended up hurting them more. 

Tess finally confronted her husband about Amber, and although I understand the desire to save her marriage, especially with two kids involved, I don’t doubt that he’ll cheat again. When he does, will Tess tell him about her and Carlos?  Probably, and as Carlos told her in this Shades of Blue quote

This high road you walk is going to end up with me in traction.


Quite possibly because, despite her husband’s indiscretions, I have no doubt he’d be furious to find out that Tess has been sleeping with her partner. 

But back to Harlee’s mess at work. To Woz’s eyes, Saperstein looked like the rat and nothing that Harlee could say would change his mind. Was having the FBI arrest him really the only way to save him? 

I kept wishing there was another option because that move just made Saperstein look more guilty to Woz when all he’d really been doing was trying to score points with a girl.

The moment Sap asked him mother about her blood sugar I knew he was going to try something but I was still shocked when he made a run for it and surprised he got as far as he did. Now I wonder if Harlee’s desperate pleas on Saperstein’s voicemail could somehow end up being heard by Woz or his buddy in Internal Affairs. 

The plan to lure in Frank and save his son sounded good on the surface, until Frank decided to try and take off with the cash and his boy. I suppose if he’d already gone through all of the trouble to kidnap his son, it should have been expected that he wouldn’t let him go so easily. 

I felt sick as Woz stood back, hoping that Frank would toss Sap over the side of the building. Saperstein had no idea that one of his most trusted allies, a man he obviously respected, wanted him dead.

Yet somehow I was still shocked when Woz shoved him over the edge himself. I knew Woz had a brutal side, but killing one of his own to save his own skin takes him to a new low. 

All this time I’ve been skeptical about whether or not he’d actually kill Harlee if he found out the truth. This act put those doubts to rest for good. There isn’t anything Wozniak won’t do to survive. 

But when he shot Frank and then tossed the gun after him, I wondered if his story about the two men falling over together would hold up. If Tufo was down below, wouldn’t he have heard Sap fall first and seen Frank fall at least a minute later followed by the gun…or was he somehow so involved in guarding Tiffany that he missed all of that? 

Harlee arrived on the scene to find Woz spinning his story. She has to realize it’s all lie, right? She must know in her gut that Woz tried to kill Sap. The guilt must be eating her alive.

And the best twist of all…Saperstein is still breathing. Now that’s one I never saw coming. 

Will Sap survive to talk? How will Harlee handle the fallout? Check back next week for our review of Shades of Blue Season 1 Episode 7, and if you simply can’t wait for more, you can watch Shades of Blue online here at TV Fanatic.

Fall of Man Review

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Shades of Blue Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

This high road you walk is going to end up with me in traction.


Your friends and loved ones know who you are and that's all that matters.