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A creepy parasite sent by Non trapped Kara in a heavenly dream world on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 13 leaving it up to her friends and family to save her. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, Kathleen Wiedel, and Paul Dailly discuss the shocking death, Hank's hilarious attempt to save Kara's job, and whatever "Myriad" is. 

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Will Kara find out that Alex killed Astra? If so, how will she react?

Jim: I'm hoping she won't, but then it wouldn't be good TV for it to not be found out. I know she will be hurt if she finds out, but she had to know there was no other way this was going to end as long as Astra continued to try and kill humans.

Christine: Of course she’ll find out. My guess it will be somewhere around the season finale and it will make Kara doubt everything.

Kathleen: I'm hoping that when Kara does find out, she will at least intellectually understand why both Alex and Hank did what they did. It'll hurt, sure.

Paul: Yeah, she'll find out soon enough. I just wish the writers hadn't thrown this contrived plot in. It's been used on other shows a little too much.

Will Maxwell Lord continue to be helpful from inside the DEO?

Jim: I'm not sure if even the writers know what they want to do with him. First they are setting him up to be a "Lex Luthor" type, now they've got him working in the DEO making fancy gadgets. I enjoy the character helping the DEO, so I hope they continue on that line. He just doesn't have the gravitas to be an arch-enemy, I think Non will fill that role.

Christine: When it suits him I think he’ll be helpful but I agree with Jim. It feels like the writers aren’t sure which way to go with Maxwell Lord and they’re keeping their options open until they figure it out.

Kathleen: I think that Lord will be helpful if he feels that he can manipulate the situation in his favor. No one seems to have noticed his apparent disappearance... yet. But I'm sure it will soon come up.

Paul: He could be, but they should never grow to trust him. He'll find a way out if they keep letting him help.

Do you think Winn will get offered a job at the DEO?

Jim: Part of me hopes so, as it would make it easier to keep the Scooby gang all together during investigations. I guess it depends on how much they want to bring those two worlds together.

Christine: I’m torn over that one. I like having him at CatCo but he could do both. I like Kara, Winn, and Jimmy working together at CatoCo. I like that Kara has two separate worlds, even if both worlds know about each other now. There needs to be the real world at CatCo and then the DEO which is so totally different.

Kathleen: From an outside perspective, at CatCo Kara only really interacts with Winn, James, and Cat, so removing Winn would really not leave Kara with a whole lot to do there. I agree with the points Christine made about keeping the two worlds separate.

Paul: Not really. It would interrupt the dynamic of their lair at CatCo.

Do you want to see Hank impersonate Kara again?

Jim: GOD NO! While Melissa Benoist did a great job of channeling "Hank" during those scenes, "her" behavior was just so far out there I can't imagine Cat Grant not realizing that something was wrong or different, she's just not that dumb.

Christine: I thought it was kind of fun, especially when he got the little things wrong like whole milk in her coffee. I think Hank now has a new appreciation for what Kara deals with every day. I wouldn’t want him doing it all the time but every now and then could be entertaining.

Kathleen: I'm curious to see what would happen if Cat found herself in a room with J'onn as Hank. Would something tip her off? Honestly, I would be amused if Cat actually figured out what was going on and tore J'onn a new one for (a) trying to trick her and (b) his dreadfully poor impersonation of Kara. And if Cat figured out there was a shapeshifter in the house, that would make her start wondering about Kara and Supergirl again...

Paul: Yes. I found the scenes to be pretty entertaining and very funny. My favorite part was the milk in the coffee.

What are your thoughts on Myriad and where do you think it will lead?

Jim: My first thought was that without Astra to keep him in check, Non and Myriad won't be good for Kara and her friends/family. I hope they are able to stop Non before things get too far out of hand.

Christine: I wish that I had some clue what Myriad is but I only see Non getting worse now that Astra is gone. His feelings for her were the only thing that kept him remotely “human” and with her dead, there’s nothing to hold him back.

Kathleen: "Myriad" means "innumerable," so is it possible that there are more Fort Rozz prisoners waiting to be freed? Enough to overwhelm the primitive and pathetic humans that infest this wretched rock?

Paul: Non is going to be pretty pissed about Astra's death, so I expect him to make Kara and Co's lives hell.

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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

That woman makes me miss my alien prison.

Hank (as Kara)

Hank: What the hell are these guys doing here?
James: Where Supergirl goes, we go.
Hank: This is a top secret facility Mr. Olsen, you think I'm going to let the media waltz in here?
Winn: Actually, I'm in IT, so definitely not worth shooting.