Supernatural Round Table: Back in Time

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A trip back in time? Better break out the DeLoreans.

Supernatural Season 11 Episode 14 went full-on Raiders in the hunt for a powerful weapon to defeat the Darkness. Plus, Lucifer finally revealed himself to Sam and Dean!

TV Fanatic staff writers Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice and Nightsky have plenty to talk about when it comes to “The Vessel.”

So join them in the latest Supernatural Round Table.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Christine: I really liked everything that happened between Dean and Petey, all of their exchanges. Petey behaved in the way I'd like to think I would if someone appeared magically and said they were from the future. I'd ask a million questions about everything that was important to me.

Alice: Just about anything on the submarine. Wow, was that so riveting. I don’t even like films like “The Hunt for Red October,” and this grabbed my attention. The situation was so realistic, well, if a time traveler from the future showed up and caused a stir kind of realistic. Dean from the start told it to them straight and they believed him. It was a nice dynamic.

Nightsky: I am a complete sucker for the drama, so I loved that Castiel fought through Lucifer to save Sam. I literally yelled “YES!” out loud. It was the perfect moment to hear Castiel defend his decision and if he now regretted his choice.

Misha did a great job with this scene (although I had to wonder how many takes they needed to get Jared and Misha through it without laughing. We know they goof around constantly, and they are so unaccustomed to having such a serious interaction with each other!)

Sean: It had to be when Lucifer finally stopped pretending to be Castiel. It was such a great reveal, and the look on Sam’s face was of complete shock and horror. Misha Collins really has been doing a great version of Lucifer so far.

What did you think of Delphine?

Christine: It's a shame that the writers created such a wonderful bad-ass woman that I cared about so much, only to kill her in that same hour. Delphine is a character I would absolutely, 100 percent want to see again. I hope there's a way to integrate her in with some flashbacks sometime down the road.

Alice: I loved her. The perfect, charismatic World War II French spy. It was so nice to see that a woman of letters was allowed to run dangerous missions during the war. I’m sure that if she had lived, her male counterparts would have turned her into the secretary eventually. A badass hunter living in the wrong time.

Nightsky: I liked her very much. She was a convincing infiltrator, willing to give her life for the cause. She was equal in every scene to her German target, Dean and a bridge full of military officers. I am thrilled that another strong, smart woman was featured in the story.

Television sorely needs to not only employ more female actors but to portray more strong, courageous female role models (especially historic ones) and with Supernatural’s fandom being largely female, I am proud the show is  stepping up to present “gender equality” (as Dean said).

Sean: I really liked her character. She was loyal to her cause, and she proved to be a bad-ass when the moments called for them. Plus, it was cool to see that there was such a thing as a woman of letters. It’s just too bad she didn’t survive…

Will Sam and Dean find another hand of God weapon?

Christine: Isn't there always a Hand of God weapon? There will be something that they'll find in the 11th hour that will help them in the fight against Amara. Preferably though, it would just be God, himself. But I know you guys aren't as optimistic about that as I am.

Alice: I think the Hand of God will work. Delphine was able to tap into that power. Perhaps having that mark spellbound to Delphine’s blood and her heart had something to do with it  kicking in. I believe Dean can use it as well, he just needs to figure it out. Maybe it’ll hit him, “Oh, I need that mark!"   Once Amara gets near, who knows what can happen if Dean has it in his hand?

Nightsky: Yes. Lucifer’s comment “There were several God-touched objects… that are perfect against Amara” clearly foreshadowed a direction the brothers may take in both research and an offensive strategy.

Sean: It just seems like that’s the direction the story is going. But will that be a substitute for God himself? I’m very curious which way Supernatural will choose to go.

What did you think of Lucifer revealing himself?

Christine: Misha Collins has been stellar with this Castiel/Lucifer story. This reveal was excellent. Hearing Mark Pellegrino's laughter coming from Misha Collins was perfect. And then the immediate swap back into Castiel! I mean, what a great use of a character who sorely needed direction.

Alice: It doesn’t surprise me. Lucifer has never been a patient being, and he’s so sure of himself he couldn’t have kept up the charade for long. Plus he was right, why keep Sam alive? It didn’t make a lot of sense. Good thing Castiel gets a say in these matters, huh? I’m just tired of the Hell scenes.  Can we have no more please?

Nightsky: Hallelujah!! It was written and acted out so well! I was hugely relieved that the fake Castiel ruse didn’t drag on. It was tiresome and insulted the brothers’ intelligence and perceptiveness as hunters (and friends!).

Sean: I’m just glad he finally got out of Hell. I’ve never found those scenes with the minions to be interesting and detract from the scariness and mystery of what’s going on in Hell.

But yes, that reveal was awesome and at a great time too. Misha has done a great job as Lucifer, and it was such an intense moment going after Sam and then when Dean returned.

Do you like time travel episodes on Supernatural? Would you want to see another?

Christine: I actually do! Anytime that Sam and Dean revisit the past to see John or the episode features the past like the Men of Letters stuff, it always feel refreshing, somehow. Somehow the writers always knows exactly how to use the past to move the future forward in a great way. This episode was no different. I thought it was awesome.

Alice: I love time travel episodes, but Sam did have a point, they really shouldn’t be messing with time like they do. Changing the course of history is a very bad thing, even though history has proven that if one way is thwarted, it’ll find another way. All roads lead to the same destination. 

Think about it, how many times has the end of the world faced Sam and Dean?  It seems very determined to end, whether they like it or not.  But the question is time travel, right?  Sure, only is Sam gets to go next time. 

Nightsky: So far, they have been done very well. “Time After Time” was an exceptionally good episode for example. One time travel jump every 2-3 years is quite enough, though. Otherwise the escape outside reality gets to be a little ridiculous and contrived.

Sean: I like them as much as I like that they are limited. It’s often fun to see the brothers in a different time period. But messing around with time is always dangerous. I’d be up for seeing another time travel episode for sure, though!

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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