Supernatural Round Table: Golden Boys

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Who knew Sam and Dean had such a thing for the Golden Girls?!?

TV Fanatic Staff writers Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi - along with The Winchester Family Business’ Alice and Nightsky - are here to reveal their favorite Golden Girl, too, as well as dive into Supernatural Season 11 Episode 11.

From a new hunter to the banshee to “Casifer,” there’s plenty to discuss when it comes to “Into the Mystic.”

So don’t wait! Join in the latest Supernatural Round Table!

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Christine: There was a lot of great laugh-out-loud moments in this one, but I think the scene I most loved was Sam and Dean talking at the end. I was glad that Dean was able to tell Sam that Lucifer was messing with his head without dismissing Sam's feelings, which is a nice change from how Dean has been reacting this season when Sam shares his thoughts.

Nightsky: The Broments — In the cemetery, Dean taking a moment to ask Sam how he felt and then their sincere talk at the end of the episode. Those talks never, ever get old.

Alice: Oh, I’m going to go with quotes, because Mildred had a couple of dandies. My favorite was her signing to Eileen about why she was more attracted to Dean vs. Sam. “I’m not much of a mountain climber anymore.” Bwah! Another great one, “They look even cuter walking away.”

It was Dean’s quote though that summed up the brotherly relationship best of all: “Shut up and drink your beer.” Hee.

Sean: I liked that end conversation with Sam and Dean, but I loved the humorous moment when the two found out about the resident stealing Viagra.

Sam -- “Turns out Harold was stealing the other residents' Viagra.”
Dean -- “I know. It's a real dick move.”

And then Dean sneaking the pills into his jacket? Hilarious.

Would you want to see Eileen again?

Christine: Heck yeah! I really liked her a lot. It's always great to see other hunters and hear their stories. Eileen's is extra interesting because of her legacy connection to the Men of Letters, which is why I feel positively that we WILL see her again. I'm just worried that she'll be another hunter we see, get attached to, and then she dies. That is a story I don't want to see again. I'm still sore about Charlie. I also sensed a little romantic chemistry between her and Sam… though maybe I was imagining it.

Nightsky: Yes. I am happy to have the Supernatural universe expanded with additional hunters. It makes the whole premise more believable. I am also thrilled that the show introduced a new, strong female character. I see Eileen as Robbie Thompson’s replacement for Charlie (and Mildred as Ellen’s replacement). Eileen’s backstory was rich, and she didn’t overplay her first meeting with the brothers. Additionally, the show featured a person with a disability. It sorely needs diversity, and Eileen was two steps in the right direction.

Alice: Absolutely! Her and Aaron Bass from Supernatural Season 8 Episode 13, “Everybody Hates Hitler,” should hook up and have MOL/JI babies. I’d love to see Eileen get a tour of the Men of Letter’s bunker and see her geek out over what’s there, like Sam did when he saw it for the first time. Not to mention, it’s good for Sam and Dean to have hunter friends out there that aren’t douchebags and are still alive.

Sean: I hope to see her back. Eileen already has a great backstory, and there’s plenty more to explore with her. I’d hate for them to bring her back and kill her off again, too. Either way, she got a great introduction, had some solid chemistry with the brothers, and she’s ready to keep hunting.

What was Lucifer doing in the bunker?

Christine: Lucifer doesn't know how to get rid of Amara and was looking for information, at least that was how I read it. I think Cas made a quick decision without considering that he was making a deal with the devil, a guy who will say anything to get what he wants. And why didn't he just go after Dean right away? And how did Dean not realize something was off with Cas based on the fact that he wasn't wearing his trench coat alone?

Nightsky: That’s the question of the week! I don’t think he was looking for a way to defeat the Darkness. I think he respects the brothers’ (or at least Sam’s) intelligence enough to assess that they would have already scoured the bunker for information on a weakness or weapon to use against the Darkness. No, I think he was looking for records on something or someone else.

Alice: No idea. I’m not going to speculate on it too much, but he’s probably trying to find some weapon that he, God, and the other archangels used to defeat Amara. Or, he’s looking for the demon tablet. I’m just glad he was there so he and Dean could have that talk.

Sean: I was glad he got to have some interaction with Dean. Plus, him pretending to be Castiel? Some solid work for Misha Collins. But, as for what he was looking for? I can’t imagine it was just info on the Darkness, right? There’s got to be something more…

What did you think of Sam's talk with Dean at the end of the episode?

Christine: I answered this one already as my favorite scene, but I'll add to it by saying that I'm still baffled by why Dean hasn't shared his connection to Amara with Sam yet. At least he finally shared it with someone (though, you know, it was Lucifer...) Sam's been so open with Dean all season long. Now it's clear that Dean is weak because of Amara. Why is he still sitting on it with Sam? I think Sam knows something is off as well, because when he questioned Dean's weakness, his Sam brow furrowed.

Nightsky: I have mixed feelings about it. I am very happy that Sam feels better and has found peace with that chapter in his life. I am disappointed that the ultimate position was that he made a mistake in not looking for Dean. I always thought Sam acted as any normal human being would react. He assumed Dean was blown to smithereens by the Dick Roman explosion, and suddenly alone after years of physical torture in Hell and psychological torture on Earth, he just needed to “stop” for a while to pick up the pieces of himself. I’m thrilled that all is forgiven and the brothers are united, but I never felt there was blame to be cast or guilt to be assumed in the first place.

Alice: It was good, and I’ll take any scene that has the brothers talking in the kitchen, but isn’t the sincere brotherly chat at the end of the episode pretty cliche by now? It was also a little perplexing since it was an apology for something that Dean forgave long ago (I took his statements in Supernatural Season 8 Episode 23, “Sacrifice,” to be forgiveness), but at least the sentiment was sincere. Sam’s hair also looked great, so overall it was nice to look at. 

Sean: I’ve really enjoyed the brothers’ conversations this season, and it just further solidified Sam and Dean’s united front. OK, so there’s still the stuff about Amara that Dean hasn’t discussed, but overall it feels like the brother’s have put the past behind them and are working together. And I like that. Sam and Dean work together so well, and having episodes more focused on whatever supernatural foes there are rather than dissension between them over stupid stuff is a huge plus.

Who is your favorite Golden Girl?

Christine: Rose, and not just because Betty White is practically a national treasure now. Her stories about St. Olaf ALWAYS cracked me up. Rose was that older lady I'd love to have some wine with and get life advice from.

Nightsky: I never watched the Golden Girls. Not once, even in reruns.

Alice: Duh, no contest. Rose. After all, Betty White rules the world.

Sean: I can’t say that I watched a ton of the Golden Girls show, but from the few episodes I’ve seen, Sophia cracked me up. So yeah, how about Sophia.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 11 Quotes

Sam: Turns out Harold was stealing the other residents' Viagra.
Dean: I know. It's a real dick move.

Dean: Your hand is still on my knee.
Mildred: I could move it up.