The 100 Round Table: Attack On Mount Weather, Redux

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For an episode so early on in the season, "Ye Who Enter Here" was really intense!

Mount Weather was not the place to be (yet again) during The 100 Season 3 Episode 3. The Ice Nation made their big move, dozens of Sky People perished, and Clarke maybe kinda sorta forgave Lexa. Lots happened, is what we're saying.

Join TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Meg Bonney, Paul Dailly, and Caralynn Lippo as they break down their thoughts for the round table on Gina's sudden death, the sudden reappearance of an old enemy, and where Roan's loyalties might lie.

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

Whoa! RIP, Gina (a.k.a., Bellamy's girlfriend). What will the fallout of this unexpected death be?

Allison: Bellamy's going to be heartbroken, as well a good bit of Skaikru. I'm hoping this doesn't cause him to lash out in any stupid way. Knowing Bellamy, he is going to blame himself for everyone's death because he's the one who trusted Echo.

Meg: I agree with Allison, I think Bellamy will blame himself. I think that this will cause a huge anti-Grounder backlash in Arkadia, giving Pike more fuel to his hateful fire. Bellamy may see it as the Grounders stealing all of his girls, in some way. (Clarke, Gina, and even Octavia). I think he'll join Pike because he doesn't know how else to deal with his feelings.

Paul: Well, that was quite a shocker. Bellamy is seriously going to blame himself and we know that won't lead to anything good for him!

Caralynn: Trusting Echo is going to go down in Bellamy's personal history as the mistake of his life. I'm sure he won't be forgetting about this huge lapse in judgment anytime soon. This is definitely going to push him to join Pike, like Meg said, since Pike was suspicious of Echo from the moment she arrived at Mount Weather claiming that an assassin would be attacking the Summit. Also, if Bellamy ever runs into Echo again, heaven help her – she certainly is not long for this world.

Carl Emerson is alive and well – and working with Queen Nia/the Ice Nation. React.

Allison: I want to know how he weaseled his way into Queen Nia's inner circle. He's apparently got moves. I was surprised to see him again and doing so well too. I was hoping he was trying to fend for himself on his own. Hopefully when word gets out that Ice Nation is working with a Mountain Man, everyone will turn against them.

Meg: I was surprised to see any Grounder with a Mountain Man. I hope they show it in a flashback so we can see how that went down. Ice Nation is super sketchy.

Paul: That was super odd, but I'm very intrigued to see how this all plays out!

Caralynn: I'm with Allison. I'm surprised that the Ice Nation didn't just straight up kill him when they found him (or when he found them). I'm curious as to how he managed to ingratiate himself to the queen before they raised the ax on his head. To be honest, I'd forgotten all about him, so when he appeared it was a second of "Wait, who is that guy?"

Clarke appears to have made amends with Lexa. Real or a ruse on Clarke's part?

Allison: I'm hoping that Clarke is playing nice and that she hasn't completely forgiven Lexa. While Lexa's proposal was a big deal – the commander bows to no one – it shouldn't wipe away everything that Lexa did to Clarke and Skaikru at Mount Weather.

Meg: Total ruse! There is no way Clarke has gotten over what happened. She is playing Lexa. She has to be.

Paul: It's a ruse. Clarke isn't stupid, and she will do her best to make Lexa pay for what she did to her.

Caralynn: I think it may start off as a ruse (I believed Clarke when she whispered to Abby that she needed to stay behind in Polis in order to make sure Lexa kept up her end of the bargain), but I sincerely doubt Clarke will go through with any kind of revenge plot. Either because they legitimately grow closer or because Lexa does something selfless and fully proves/redeems herself to Clarke. 

Speculate: What's the deal with Roan? Was he a plant in Polis by his mother? Where do his allegiances lie?

Allison: I think he's mainly just out for himself. He doesn't seem to fit in anywhere, Polis or Ice Nation. Roan seems like a guy who will join up with someone who gives him the best deal, even if maybe it's not what he ultimately wants.

Meg: I can't quite figure him out. If he was working for his mom, why wouldn't he have taken Clarke to her? I don't think he is all bad.

Paul: He is a difficult character to figure out, but he's interesting, and I can't wait to see where his story takes him.

Caralynn: It really stuck out to me that he didn't kill Bellamy, when Bellamy snuck off and found Clarke. That was such a significant, character-deepening moment for Roan. He easily could have killed Bellamy and it would have affected no part of his plan. The fact that he chose not to kill Bellamy (injuring him instead, to prevent Bellamy from continuing to follow them) makes me feel very sure that Roan will wind up on the right side of this, in the end.

Chancellor election time will be coming up soon, probably. Cast your vote: Abby, Kane, or some third person?

Allison: It's totally going to be Pike, which I'm not too happy about. I think Kane would be a great Chancellor, but it's obvious as to what's going to end up happening.

Meg: Pike! He will campaign for it on his anti-Grounder platform. I do like that they are getting into politics and elections since it's such a hot topic in the country right now.

Paul: Yeah, I'm guessing it's going to be Pike because that would cause a whole host of dramarama.

Caralynn: Yeah, we're all in agreement here. If there's any third candidate but Pike (or if Pike sits this one out), I'll be downright shocked. Holding an election was a great idea on Abby's part, but unfortunately it's going to backfire epically when Pike manages to seize control from both Abby and Kane. In my opinion, it should totally be Kane as Chancellor. His peace-keeping should be top-priority on the Ground, right now.

Name your favorite or least favorite part of the episode. Anything that really stuck out to you, in a good or bad way.

Allison: I really enjoyed Sinclair and Raven. I'm glad someone was getting through to her and encouraging her to take a chance on herself. Also, I totally thought Sinclair was going to die, so yay! He made it out alive!

Meg: I loved the singer and that whole chunk with Clarke walking to Lexa in Grounder gear, Bellamy frantically trying to get to the summit and the assassin. That was a really cool moment. I also loved the moment between Bellamy and Clarke at the summit, such a loaded stare down between them. I think Bellamy knows that Clarke is playing Lexa because he knows her so well, but he is still pissed.

Paul: I also enjoyed Sinclair and Raven. Raven is the best character on the show, so anything with her has my full attention.

Caralynn: My favorite part was a tie between Lexa's proposal of fealty to Clarke and Clarke's entrance to the Summit. That Clexa moment was just so loaded and powerful, and it was brilliantly staged to mirror Clarke's earlier bowing to Lexa. Clarke's entrance was just badass, from the Grounder anthem that the woman sang to Clarke's amazing formal Grounder-wear. Such an epic moment.

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