The 100 Round Table: The Commander Of Death

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Roan herded Clarke off to his leader in order to collect his bounty on The 100 Season 3 Episode 2. Little did we realize, going in, that his leader was LEXA and his bounty was a reversal of his banishment by her!

Did anyone see that coming? Anybody? Didn't think so.

Join our TV Fanatic round table as we chat about those reunions, the twist regarding Roan's true identity, and what we're loving (and hating) about The 100 Season 3 so far.

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

Bellamy found Clarke! For a second, anyway. What did you think of their all-too-brief reunion?

Meg: The face-touching, the relief and surprise in her voice, it all just made me melt. I love the bond between them. I thought it was out of character that Bellamy didn't charge through the field the first time her saw her so I was very happy that he snuck away.

Allison: I re-watched it five times back to back, and then continued on with the rest of episode. I loved it. The reunion highlighted just how much they care about one another. Bellamy risked his life for Clarke, and Clarke agreed to die to save him.

Clarke thought Roan was taking her to the Ice Queen who would have killed her, and she agreed to go willingly if Bellamy was spared. These two are going to kill me.

Paul: It sure was very brief. I would have liked if they spent a little more time together, but given the circumstances, they're lucky they even got to see one another.

Caralynn: I definitely wasn't expecting Bellamy to find Clarke so soon, so it was a real treat. Such a lovely moment. And I agree with Allison, that moment really highlighted their bond and how much their relationship had evolved. Also, Bellamy is definitely in love with Clarke, even if he hasn't admitted it to himself yet. This episode made that all too clear.

Speaking of reunions: Lexa and Clarke came face to face for the first time since Lexa's betrayal and Clarke went OFF. Did that reunion go how you expected it to?

Meg: It was how I thought  it would go. Clarke was crushed after Lexa betrayed her. It would have been weird if Clarke didn't freak out on her. She isn't the type to forgive and forget and she has to hold Lexa somewhat responsible for what went down in the mountain after Lexa abandoned their plan. That won't get brushed off anytime soon.

Allison: I agree with Meg. It went exactly like I thought it would – Clarke upset and unforgiving of what Lexa did at the Mountain. I don't even know if Clarke has really processed and forgiven herself for what she had to do at Mount Weather, and until she does that, maybe then she can start to forgive Lexa.

Paul: I agree with Meg and Allison. Clarke is obviously super pissed about what Lexa did at the gates of Mount Weather and of course that she sent Roan out looking for her.

Caralynn: I also expected it to go this way, but the sheer force of Clarke's rage was a little bit shocking. She'd been fairly sedate for the majority of the first two episodes of the season, and it definitely seems like Clarke loosing her rage on Lexa was emblematic of her rage at herself.

Allison brings up a really great point; I do think that Clarke's forgiveness of Lexa will go hand-in-hand with Clarke's forgiveness of herself. For the record, I do think Clarke will absolutely eventually forgive Lexa, though. It'll just take time.

We found out that Roan isn't some random bounty hunter – he's an Ice Nation prince and had been living among Lexa and her people before being banished! Were you expecting this backstory? Do you like this "twist"?

Meg: We knew he wasn't just some bounty hunter but I didn't see that twist coming! I want to know more about him and I am super interested to learn more about the Ice Nation.

Allison: I loved the twist. It made Roan a much more interesting character. He's a man without a clan, sort of like Octavia is. I'm excited to learn more about Roan and get his views on Ice Nation versus Lexa/all the other clans.

Paul: I like the twist. Sure, it was evident that he was going to have a more significance to the story than we first thought. He's one of the more interesting new additions this season and I'm excited to see where his storyline goes next.

Caralynn: Wasn't at all expecting it. I was already super intrigued by Roan, now I'm doubly interested! I want to know all about how he wound up with Lexa and her people at Polis, and what the deal is with him and his mother. His moment of shirtlessness also helped pique my interest, not gonna lie.

Abby was resistant to using Mount Weather but finally gave in after being convinced by Jackson, Nyko, and Lincoln. What will the repercussions of this decision be?

Meg: Hopefully nothing. But I am guessing that this will end the alliance with Indra at the very least. The Grounders see that as a place of death but it makes sense as a medical facility.

Allison: I think Lincoln's right about the Mountain in that the Grounders won't take too kindly to see Skaikru making it operational again. It probably should have been something that was discussed with Lexa or at the very least Indra. There's too much bad history there that cannot be forgotten in only a couple months time.

Paul: No doubt there will be some significant repercussions. Every decision on this show sort of leads to much worse things happening for our key characters, so expect drama.

Caralynn: This is going to go soooo badly. At the very least, it's going to mess with the Octavia/Lincoln relationship. At the worst, it'll spark all out war between the Grounders and the Sky People. I really hope it doesn't, because the mechanics of this uneasy alliance are really interesting.

What are your favorite and least favorite storylines at the moment?

Meg: Jaha and his cult stuff don't fit for me. I love Murphy and his strange relationship with Jaha but I don't like the tech part of this story. I liked that it was all gritty and outdoors. Favorite is Bellamy. Everything he does, says, everything. Bellamy Blake, all the way.

Allison: The City of Light needs to goooooo. It is so boring. Favorite storyline is definitely Wanheda. I just wish I knew more how Clarke is living with her actions at the Mountain. She can't just be completely okay, and neither can Monty and Bellamy.

Paul: My favorite storyline has got to be Clarke's. It's as interesting as ever and she's so different this time round. The whole City of Light one is just nonsense.

Caralynn: Wow, you guys are not feeling the City of Light, huh? I'm definitely in the minority here (and among viewers, I think, based on comments I've read), but I'm digging the City of Light. It's different and I think it helps break up the Grounders vs. Sky People plot a bit. That said, it's not my favorite part of the show.

Right now, I'm loving Bellamy, Kane, Monty, and everyone searching for Clarke (OK, mostly because of Bellamy). Least favorite would have to be the Lincoln/Octavia drama. It's a relatively minor storyline, but it's bugging the hell out of me and making me dislike Octavia.

Share any other thoughts you had on this episode.

Meg: Bellamy Blake is my everything. Seriously, that dude is just beyond perfect. He has had great character growth and it's nice to see him care about something other than his sister. Octavia needs to get over the whole Grounder thing. I love that she sticks to her guns, but Lincoln has a bounty on his head. They need to be in the camp.

Allison: Pike and his Grounder killers need to re-evaluate their motto. They are not defending themselves against Grounder attacks, they are going looking for them. This isn't a way to live, and we've already lived through this "all Grounders should die" mentality. It's called the past two seasons of The 100. Let's move on to something new.

Paul: Lexa was the best part of the episode. I understand not many people like her, but I thought she wouldn't be in it at all due to the actress' commitment to Fear The Walking Dead, so I'll take as much of her as they want to give us!

Caralynn: Paul, not many people like Lexa?! Seriously?? I had no idea. (Not sarcasm!) I think she's one of the more interesting, complicated characters on the show. Octavia is really bothering me. She is acting very childish.

I also think that Lincoln is 100% right in his mentality and how he's been acting (trying to bring the Grounders into a more comfortable alliance with the Sky People), so I don't really understand why the show is casting his actions in a bad light. It seems as though they're framing this like Octavia is in the right here, and she's just... not at all. It's confusing.

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