The Flash Round Table: Too Much Death, Too Soon!

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We went to Earth-2 on The Flash Season 2 Episode 13 and this round table is practically alll about it. Well, except one itty bitty question about Jay and Velocity-6. Honestly, it's hard to contain the excitement for doppelgangers, so strap in guys!

Join TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Hank Otero and Whitney Evens as well as Andy Behbakht of The Flash Podcast for a discussion of all things Earth-2. Share your thoughts about the best and the worst of it. 

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite moment of the episode?

Allison: I honestly just loved experiencing this new Earth. It was fun to see how different everyone was from their Earth-1 counterparts. I also just really loved Barry getting to talk to his mom. I was crying.

Andy: I can only echo what Allison said because I loved everything we got on Earth-2. I think for me though, if I could only pick one favorite moment of the episode, it's tied with when Barry meets Earth-2 Iris West and the scene when his mom called and made the entire world just as emotional as Barry because man, did I cry!

Hank: Barry talking to his mother made me tear up. Grant Gustin is so damn talented, and really the heart of this entire series. Yeah, without a doubt that was my favorite moment.

Whitney: There were so many great things about Earth-2 and it's hard to pick just one. Although I must say I was a little giddy seeing Jesse L. Martin on stage singing. That was a definite highlight for me!

What was your least favorite moment?

Allison: Joe dying! Why did I have to endure that? It was so rude, and I really wasn't expecting it. I'm also not sure what point his death served.

Andy: Joe dying did hurt a lot, but I was less impressed with the fact that we lost both Deathstorm and Reverb in the same episode – I wanted more of Evil Cisco!

Hank: That's easy, the cheesy villain on Earth 1. He was so awful and cartoonish I forgot his damn name. Oh yeah... Geomancer. Whatever!

Whitney: I'm with Hank here. Evrything about the interludes to Earth-1 were just boring in comparison to everything else. And that metahuman was a big snooze!

Which doppelganger made your night and why?

Allison: Oh goodness, it's hard to pick. I really loved the glimpse that we got of Earth-2 Barry. I'm so excited to spend more time with him next episode because he's such an adorable, fashionable, nerd.

Andy: It's a tie between Earth-2 Iris and Killer Frost because not only did those two great actresses get lots of screentime and awesome material to work with, but they also go play such intriguing and fun versions of themselves.

Hank: Another easy one, this episode was all about Killer Frost for me. It was really wonderful watching Danielle Panabaker cut loose and enjoy herself as a villain. I loved the doubled up effect on her voice too. Panabaker definitely shined this week.

Whitney: Iris on Earth-2 is everything you could hope for. She's a very strong woman, who seems like a damn good detective and a great wife.

Despite the fact the show was so much fun, did any of the issues bother you?

Allison: I didn't like how many people were killed off. Joe died, but the deaths that bothered me were Earth-2 Cisco and Deathstorm. Zoom hasn't ever really come off has that ruthless before, and so it felt like an over reaction. Zoom kicked the crap out of Barry back on Earth-1, so why does it all of a sudden matter that Barry is unharmed? I'm going to need serious answers before I can sort of accept why Zoom killed Cisco and Deathstorm.

Andy: I agree with Allison, the amount of people that we just lost in Part 1 was bothersome. I felt that could been saved till next week so that we could spend a little more time with characters like Reverb, Joe and Deathstorm. Actually, when it comes to Deathstorm, I was disappointed that Robbie Amell didn't get to do much because his Ronnie still felt a bit too similar to Earth-1 Ronnie, just a little meaner. Also, bummed that Deathstorm didn't have blue flames like in the comics.

Hank: The death's didn't bother me as much as how wasted characters like Deathstorm and Reverb felt. It was all very gimmicky, but I was expecting much more. I'm still not crazy about Zoom and don't buy that a "God" like Reverb or someone as powerful as Deathstorm could be taken out so easily.

There seemed to be a ton of continuity issues, like when did Barry and Deadshot meet? Someone mentioned it was in the current Flash comics tied to the series. Is that true? Things are getting a little tough to keep track of with three shows crossing over with one another.

Whitney: Barry kind of bothered me, because once he got to Earth-2 it was like he'd completely forgotten why he went there in the first place. As soon as he saw Iris, it was like nothing else mattered and that wasn't really fair to Harry and the mission they were there to complete.

What did you think of Jay's admission Zoom didn't steal his speed and he's dying because of Velocity-6?

Allison: I don't trust him. This was a huge thing to lie about. Why did he tell such a lie about Zoom? Jay needs to go, and Caitlin needs to stop being enamored with him and act like he can do no wrong.

Andy: I am mixed about it, also mostly because I feel letdown for every episode we get with Jay in it because this isn't what I was expecting to see for his character as he is a huge player in the Flash mythos. I want him to just get his speed back, start mentoring Barry and join him in his fight against Zoom. I feel I will be able to say more next week after Part 2.

Hank: I agree with Andy, the character has been a real disappointment for me. I mean, I love the actor, but he deserves a better arc. The lie bugged the hell out of me; how can we trust Jay now?

Whitney: I'm hoping this will maybe spice up Jay's storyline because he has been very underwhelming thus far.

What one thing would you want to see on Earth-2 that you haven't so far?

Allison: I know this is The Flash, but I'd love to see more glimpses or references to our Star City friends. We caught a glimpse of the Arrow, but it was hard to tell anything other than it wasn't Oliver Queen in the hood.

Andy: I wouldn't mind getting to see Earth-2 Wally for a little bit. I can't think of anything at the moment that I would want to see on Earth-2 that we haven't seen so far – I guess I am just willing to get surprised!

Hank: I'd love to see Hal Jordan pop up (since Bruce and Diana never will). He and Barry are great friends in the comics. That would be a fun dynamic to explore. Honestly, I will never understand DC's need to hold back (or kill off) characters from the TV shows that also appear in the films. We're not that dense, you guys... seriously.

Whitney: I'm with Andy on this one, as I found myself wondering just who Wally was on Earth-2 after his brief appearance on Earth-1.

Get ready for the ride to continue as The Flash Season 2 Episode 14, "Escape from Earth-2" finishes the current journey on the other world. Get a look at the photos from the episode now!

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