The Flash Round Table: Who's the Man in the Iron Mask?

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We have a trio of unknowns at this point, and the desire to know sort of overtakes the The Flash Season 2 Episode 14 round table discussion. There is some truth in that whole "inquiring minds" mumbo jumpb!

See if you agree when you join Andy Behbakht from The Flash Podcast and TV Fanatics Allison Nichols and Carissa Pavlica in this unique conversation. Pop your dollars worth of thoughts in the comments!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the interactions between E-2 Barry and the gang?

Andy: I gushed so much about E-2 Barry because of his adorkableness. I liked all the interactions the gang had, but it was definitely special when both Barry's inspired each other.

Allison: I loved E-2 Barry, He was so adorable. I wish he asked more about our Barry and our Earth just so we could see him geek out a little more, but other than that, I loved it.

Carissa: He felt so much like the Barry we knew before the lightning strike, that it was like a visit with an old friend. I also found it interesting E-2 Barry and E-2 Iris didn't have the Ba Boom that she had with E-1 Barry.

What are your first thoughts on Jesse Wells?

Andy: I am liking her more and more, and I'm glad that she is now safe and sound on Earth-1 which will hopefully flesh her out more as a character before she perhaps meets her comic book destiny as a speedster.

Allison: I'm glad we got to know her a bit more. Her teaming up with Barry was great way to get to know Jesse more. I'm hoping she continues to help out the team back on E-1.

Carissa: Considering the tremendous pressure she had been under, she held up well. I didn't find it surprising that she might have wanted to go "home" after her long stay in a cage, even knowing Zoom was after them. She's still a girl, you know?

Are you surprised at what happened to Jay Garrick at the end?

Andy: I figured that they would do something HUGE with Jay, but man, that ending had my jaw dropped at my initial watch. But after having seeing it 2-3 times now - something shady is going on!

Allison: That is what you get for standing so close to the breach. Plus, he had his back turned! Buddy, Zoom was coming right after Barry and Harry. Jay made a poor life choice.

Carissa: I agree with Allison. They might have well played him with that big grin on his face in slow motion. It was so cheesy. Andy thinks there's something shady going on? I hope not. Enough psych outs already.

That said...who is/was he?

Andy: Maybe a Jay Garrick from another least some sort of impostor.

Allison: I don't know. He seemed off to me, especially with his focus on getting faster. I'm suspicious.

Carissa: I think he was Jay Garrick. Earth-2's Jay Garrick and the Flash. I've had time to think about this, though, and I'm still a little unclear.

Who is Zoom?

Andy: At this point, I am so unsure.

Allison: Gah, I have no idea. I also don't really care, as weird as that sounds. Zoom has lost his/her thrill for me.

Carissa: I think Zoom is Earth-2's Hunter Zolomon, someone E-2 Jay never knew about.

And who is the Man in the Iron Mask?

Andy: Jay Garrick from Earth-2.

Allison: I'm with Andy. I think E-2 Jay has never left Zoom's lair. I'm curious as to why he only spoke in knocks.

Carissa: Here's where I get tripped up. He's either potential speedster Wally West or Potential Speedster Jay Garrick from Earth-1 that nobody knew existed. I'm rolling on the twin theory. Zoom wants speed. He may know people how have the potential speed, so he's gathering them up so he can grab it, no fuss, no muss.

Confused? Yeah, so are we. But don't let that stop you from coming back to watch the return of King Shark! You can get a look at what's next below!

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

E-2 Barry: I'm gonna have to find this guy and give him a piece of my mind.
Harry: Oh, don't give him too much.

Now, if I can do the impossible today, so can you. I'm just Barry Allen. You're The Flash.

E-2 Barry