The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 15 Review: Targets

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Paranoia ran amok on The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 15, and Jason said it best when he told Lucca that, “This place is insane.”

It’s really difficult to argue with that statement. No one trusts anyone at Lockhart, Agos, & Lee.  Granted there has always been a certain amount of behind the scenes shenanigans but in the past you could always count on Diane and Will to have one another’s backs. Even when they disagreed they still acted like partners and friends.

Alicia Flirts With Jason - The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 15

How things have changed. 

Now that Will is gone, it’s become a free for all where every partner believes the other has their own private agenda. Not only is it disheartening but it’s not good for morale and makes the entire firm feel unstable. 

Would Diane do something as radical as try and make the firm completely female? Who knows? It’s hard to read any of them lately and since Diane has no friends any longer, it’s almost impossible to know what she’s thinking. 

Cary looked for the inside scoop from Lucca but couldn’t he have taken her out to lunch instead of them both eating take-out at his desk while he grilled her for answers? 

David Lee hired Jason to find answers and then refused to accept the answers he found. I just hope he still paid the bill. 

Over at Peter’s office, Eli hired Elsbeth Tascioni to try and protect them from the FBI investigation. It’s amazing how Peter can stand there and look Eli in the eye and swear there’s nothing for the FBI to investigate. He is a true politician. Even when Eli told him he knew he rigged Alicia’s election, Peter barely flinched. 

If you thought Elsbeth was wacky, her husband was equally so, but I loved how Eli has learned to just go with it. His The Good Wife quote to the clerk as he tried to get him to ignore Michael’s dog made me laugh…

Tom is a service animal. He's an emotional support Chihuahua.


Alicia’s secret mission was intriguing. Should Lance Hopper/Moussad Tahan have been executed? I wish they had argued the legalities of that more. I felt the subject got short changed amongst the NSA leak storyline which was disappointing. 

And although I knew the NSA could listen in on phone calls, I never really thought about using our phones as hot mics…although I’m sure they’d be bored to tears if they listened in on mine. 

Finally we have Alicia and Jason. That they had sex on her office sofa wasn’t a shock. That’s been coming for a long time. That Alicia resorted to emotional blackmail by telling Jason she might drink if he didn’t have sex with her again was pathetic. I’m sure she thought she was being cute, but it simply came across as desperate. 

Jason was absolutely right about Peter. He may have agreed to this open marriage, and I’m sure he’s thrilled when it works in his favor, but there’s no way he’s okay with Alicia sleeping with other men. How will he react if he finds out that Alicia is having an affair with Jason? No doubt that will get complicated, fast.

Alicia may be back on stable ground financially and career wise, but she’s still a hot mess. Will it get better or worse before the series ends?

See what our The Good Wife round table team has to say later in the week and if you can’t wait until then, you can watch The Good Wife online here at TV Fanatic. 

Targets Review

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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

David: You kinda got a cowboy thing going on, don't ya.
Jason: Not intentionally.

Cary: What are you doing for lunch today?
Lucca: Eating.

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