The Vampire Diaries Round Table: What Did Damon Do?!?

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The Huntress is coming.

On The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 11, we got a lot more information about the huntress and what bad things will come when she shows up in Mystic Falls. 

TV Fanatics Matt Richental, Carissa Pavlica, Paul Dailly and Miranda Wicker chat about Matt's age, Tyler's association with the new big bad and whether Damon really lost Elena forever.

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What was your LEAST favorite quote or scene from “Things We Lost in the Fire”?

Matt: Stefan's speech to Damon at the end was pretty cheese. I wasn't into his whole Phoenix Stone thing, really. The idea of Damon being the monstrous brother and Stefan being the heroic brother is pretty tired at this point.

Carissa: Obviously the opening scene, which I missed because I'm on my third DVR in as many months and it didn't start on time. Sigh. No. Really, I think it's the flash forward scene at the end. I keep hoping Matt is going to die, and apparently he's still living three years from now. BUMMER. 

Paul: Matt's three years forward scene. I guess it's nice to know that he's alive and all, but he's so annoying.

Miranda: Anything and everything having to do with Julian. We can keep Nora and Valerie. Even Mary Louise. But Julian has GOT to go. I hate him.

If you renamed Mystic Falls based on its new inhabitants, what would you call it?

Matt: The City That Never Sleeps.

Carissa: Phoenix.

Paul: Lonely Town.

Miranda: the Dead Zone.

Is Matt Donovan even old enough to drink yet?

Matt: He must be because he has some whine with his cheese every week! Get over it, dude. There are some bad vampires out there, but there are some good ones, too. Just like humans.

Carissa: He's old enough to drink if the gal was old enough to be arresting him for a DUI. Do you think she will be his wife or his girlfriend? The one he noted to Caroline in the future? 

Paul: Maybe three years later, but not in the present. He wants to rebel against everyone right about now. Maybe it's time for his mother to pop back up and talk some sense into him, but she was kind of lacking that the last time we saw her. Maybe it runs in the family.

Miranda: Maybe one of Matt Donovan's life hurdles is that he failed a lot of grades and was that creepy older dude who kept hanging around his high school. (No, but really. He's not old enough. But who were they going to call, Ric?)

Do you think Tyler might be working with the Huntress?

Matt: No. But allow me a Huntress-related digression: I thought maybe she was the cop who pulled over Matt. So I Googled the actress' name in order to look up her photo a verify this theory. Only… instead of Googling the actress (Leslie-Anne Huff), I Googled the character name by accident (Rayna Cruz) and the character shares a name with a porn star. So, in conclusion, my computer definitely has, like, 12 viruses now.

Carissa: He's always found himself on opposite ends of his original friends, bringing a lot of riff raff back to town, so it's certainly possible. If Matt is in the future, why not Tyler in the present? How else do they meet? 

Paul: There's a good chance that he is, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's working against the huntress and trying to hide everyone from her path. Crazy? Yes, but I don't want him to be evil.

Miranda: I was totally convinced Tyler was working with the Huntress after writing last week's review, mostly because he's been working with Jeremy out in Arizona or wherever. But now I'm MORE convinced he's doing what Paul said. And I'm totally on board with that.

Did Damon really burn Elena's body?

Matt: Probably not, although this would be a pretty great twist. I don't see the show going there, though.

Carissa: I agree that they probably wouldn't go there. Story wise, though, did Tyler know Damon was hallucinating a little Civil War dude? If not, then how could he have shown Damon anyone other than Elena? I think it might have been Elena. 

Paul: No way. He had her coffin in the future, so I ain't buying it.

Miranda: I've got to admit, it would be pretty interesting if a charred Elena woke up and the had to become a vampire in order to heal

Why is Damon hallucinating Henry instead of Lily?

Matt: It works storyline-wise because he burned Elena's body out of a desire to kill Henry. And he never would have wanted to kill Lily because the entire point here is that he wants to now save Lily.

Carissa: Well, to kill Elena he did have to hallucinate someone. But does tricking Damon into killing Elena have the same impact as him doing it because he understands he needs to let her go? And not so he can be a monster. This hour confused me just a bit. :-D

Paul: Maybe because he spent more time with Henry when he kept reliving the day?! Kidding. I have no idea about this one. Guess we'll find out soon enough!

Miranda: Stefan was/is haunted by Damon because Damon was who he had to let go of in order to get out of Hell. Start apologizing, Damon. We know you have it in you.

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