The Young and the Restless Recap: Actions Have Repercussions

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Hey, Paul and Dylan!

Here's a "tip," you can't extradite someone from merely a tip. No evidence? No extradition. 

Oy. What on earth is going on in the writers' room over at The Young and the Restless that they thought it was a good idea to reel in Noah and Marisa merely on Victor's tip about the hit and run? Here I thought Dylan was doing a decent job on the GCPD.

Father and Son - The Young and the Restless

What was really odd about the whole thing was that the call to Paul was instigated after Victor talked to Natalie and Summer. Summer's pretty sure Natalie is pulling a fast one and only wanted money out of the old man. 

Sooooo...he'll show her! He'll turn in his grandson for hit and run and really show Natalie who's boss! 

Yeah, I don't see how that's supposed to work. And Adam? Keep your trap shut going forward. Would Adam have liked it if people were walking around behind Victor sharing with him all of Adam's secrets? He can barely keep himself on solid ground. That would be a nightmare.

The Noah situation brought Nick and Sharon together, on their anniversary, caring about their son and sharing memories. With the years worth of footage they have to mine of these two together, they should use flashbacks more often. It's so fun to see them as they were.

Especially because we're so far away from the original characters of Victoria and Billy. Bless Billy's heart for not only thinking getting hit by the car was the best thing that ever happened to him, but realizing there was no way Noah could have known he was beat up and lying on the ground when he was hit.

He has no intention of going to the police, so hopefully that will have an impact on the Noah situation going forward.

As for Vic and Billy as a couple? They're together and more in love than ever since Jason Thompson took over the role. Was their chemistry better upon his hiring? Was it lacking before? It's almost silly how much of a difference this couple is currently experiencing. I'm not saying it's unwelcome, just interesting.

Yet, Billy has that same spark with Phyllis. Perhaps even more. Would you be open to him stepping out on Vic? How invested are you in them with the new actor? Is now the time to make a move?

Victoria's little sister got some news this week, too. Abby's pregnant! I was shocked anybody thought it could possibly be Ashley. Silly soap people.

While Ben was very excited, at least Abby was hesitant over a few things. This viewer's biggest hesitation is that, HELLO, they haven't even lived together yet!

As if their marriage hasn't gotten off to a rocky start adding Damien the Omen to the family, now he's imagining pushing the step mom he's never lived with down the stairs to kill his unborn brother or sister.

And Ben? He sees nothing. He's just as oblivious to that as he was to Abby's pregnancy symptoms, even when Ashley came out and told Abby someone else was pregnant, but not herself. Sheesh.

Working in the close quarters of the little perfume lab on big projects like brain trauma research might help the flu spread fast, though.

I have a feeling nothing good is going to come out of what Hilary did this week, taking the mic and being told she was brilliant as a result of saving Neil's ass, which she helped crush in the first place.

Just ugh on the Winters' storyline. Hilary was literally in bed with Neil one second and in bed with Devon the next, declaring her undying love for each days apart. She makes no sense. Why would either Neil or Devon continue to fall for her crap? 

Neil has fallen so far that he dropped right off the wagon, onto the floor and cracked his head open. Is she really worth throwing his life away? The way she looks at people, with one eyebrow cocked, expecting things to go her way? She's going to continue to cause trouble. Mark my words.

Let's just revisit the undercurrent of the week before we close.

Can we all just pause for a giggle about Victor saying actions have repercussions? THAT's why he called the cops on Noah. He expects Noah to rot outside the family until he claws his way back into the inner circle.


The irony of that is almost too much to bear. 

If only Noah hadn't given up his plan to topple the old coot. What WAS his plan, anyway? And were is Luca? Victor knows Luca was in cahoots with Noah, so he must be in big trouble, too, right? 

Can someone please topple Victor Newman already?? Haven't we waited long enough?

Have your say in the comments!! 

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