The Young and the Restless Recap: Lots of Sexy Time!

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This was a rather slow week.

The Young and the Restless started out the week with a bang (or a lot of banging, if I want to use a colloquialism) and really petered out as the flames died on many of the big burner stories.

There was a lot of sexy time on Monday, however, that made me wonder if we'll be in for even more as Valentine's Day comes up. Here's hoping, as there are some really nice looking couples...and Adam!

For anyone who is wondering...the song playing during sexy time at the end of Monday's episode? All That Matters Now by Rollings-Derry. Relive the dream!

Oh Adam - The Young and the Restless

It's kind of hard to believe there was so much love and happiness between Chadam at the beginning of the week only to have Chelsea threatening to move out (bag in hand and everything) by Thursday. 

That might not be surprising if Adam was doing anything differently, but other than Chelsea seeing Adam's face superimposed over Victor's face on his painting, nothing much has changed. He's always been a schemer, and he still is.

No matter what Adam decides to tell Chelsea, it won't make up for the truth bomb she's going to eventually receive about Christian. This is just a waiting game.

Is anybody else worried for Sage's safety? She's already been given a sedative once, and I bet it won't be the last time things are out of control for her at Fairview. Will Patty's return wind up being very good for her?

Things seem to be spinning out of control at Fairview. Nick has gotten his evidence that Dr. Sandy Anderson wants him. Sage has evidence of Sandy's paralysis (although she doesn't know what it means). Patty is back and told Paul how scared she is of Anderson.

The biggest question is how much Sharon will tell Dr. Anderson now that Nick has shared his and Sage's plan with her. I really hope she's more concerned over what he said than suspicious of what he and Sage are doing. If she asks the right questions and remembers the day she gave birth to Sully, she should have questions of her own.

It will be horrible to even come to that point, but it's inevitable.

The whole Devon/Hilary/Neil thing is just as boring and pointless as ever. It's time for that merry-go-round of a story to end. Up and down and round and round and nothing is accomplished. Will Devon have the stones to really walk away from Hilary after she admitted wanting him back? 

Highly doubtful. For some reason, it seems this trio is going to continue for the ages.

The other Winters may have begun her journey to a happy ending, however. Have you ever seen so many people come together for the same of romance?

Jill, Lauren and Colin threw a whole production for Jill and Colin's anniversary as a ploy to get Cane and Lily back together. Granted, they've only managed to get to the sexy bits, but it's a start.

And it meant another pretty couple beneath the sheets.

Billy and Victoria also spent some time there, and that part of their relationship as well as all others has perked up since the arrival of Jason Thompson. 

But that doesn't mean it will be smooth sailing, as Billy is still hiding what he's doing with Phyllis and Natalie from Victoria. So, he hasn't learned all of his lessons yet, but his charisma has changed in the newest incarnation that he must may be able to get away with more. 

And in the biggest head scratcher of the week, Billy appears to recall what happened to him in the parking garage and at whose hands. So wouldn't that just lay the whole thing to rest?

Other than not coming forward sooner, why would Noah be in any danger at all from the law for backing into a collapsed man hidden behind his car in a parking garage? That's not a place people look for pedestrians, nor would he expect anything other than a cement bumper. It was an accident, not attempted murder.

That has to be one of the most frustrating stories on the show at this point, that everyone keeps trying to tell him to keep his mouth shut. That just makes it worse. It's utterly nerve wracking.

If you drop by and want to say a word or two, nobody is going to stop you! 

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