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When a diplomat's son is murdered, the Russian's want a Russian diplomatic security officer to shadow the 12th precinct on the case in Castle Season 8 Episode 11.

And that's how things kicked off this week on the ABC drama.

Russian Security - Castle

When he turns out to be a huge fan of Richard Castle and Nikki Heat, will he jeopardize the investigation...or Castle and Beckett's fake separation?

Use the video above to find out for yourself. Just click and follow its quick and easy prompts in order to check out all that just went down.

Enjoy the fun. Watch Castle online here at TV Fanatic.

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Castle Season 8 Episode 11 Quotes

You know Beckett asked for some time so I'm just giving it to her every day. Sometime twice.


Castle: This novel writes itself.
Ryan: Then tell us what happens next.
Castle: I have no idea. That's what makes it so good.