Watch Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Online: Season 2 Episode 12

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You absolutely cannot miss Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 12. It's that simple.

It is the best episode of Season 2. As Delia's wedding fast approaches, Abby is closer to a breakdown than ever, and she's separated from her friends because of her rift with Delia.

Can the girls fix things so that Abby can attend the wedding and they can all be together?

Frumpkis is still getting his drink on, and Scott desperately wants to help Jo. When you find out why via what can only be called a RomCom moment, you will be shocked.

And what about Phoebe and her man? Would you believe things are even going to move faster than they were before? Oh yeah. 

Find out what's leading us up to the Season 2 finale when you watch Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce online right here via TV Fanatic. Click above to get started!

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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Phoebe: So back off, because he's not goin' anywhere.
Jo: The claws come out! I like it. You should suck on candy dicks more often!

I will no longer be punished! Anymore! You can take your trolley, and you can take your ticket, and you can shove it up your aaaasssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!