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Nick has a long line of ancestors.

On Grimm Season 5 Episode 10, Monroe gets a call from Germany that brings Nick closer to them, but will he get all the answers he so desperately requires?

Things don't go to plan when the Black Claw realizes this and make their presence felt. Will they prevent Nick from seeing his ancestors?

Trubel confronts Eve about Nick and Adalind, but things take a crazy turn and they are put in jeaopardy.

Use the video above to watch Grimm online and get all the answers now

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

It's just so weird that you slept with both of them while the were each other! Relationships are difficult enough without getting into that sort of bizarre arithmetic.

Monroe [on Nick, Juliette, and Adalind]

I think it's kinda homey, in a post apocalyptic, neo-industrial, steampunk chic kinda way.

Monroe [about Nick's new paint factory house]