Which TV Couple are You and Your Significant Other?

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to find out exactly which TV couple you and your guy or gal emulate.

You need to get all of the important things out of the way as a part of the discovery.

Which Couple?

What kind of outfit do you wear?

In what city would you spend your holiday (You can only choose from those shown...)?

Which movie couple is most like you?

Those seem pretty important, right?

And what about the colors you see that make you think of your relationship.

Or just a photo that makes you feel really groovy about life in the now? 

All of these things could have an impact on which TV couple you are most like, so get your mouse finger ready!

Report back and let us know your results.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She's a member of the Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA), enjoys mentoring writers, wine, and passionately discussing the nuances of television. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.