Bitten Season 3 Episode 4 Review: A Quiet Dog

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There's no doubt Elena is ending this season as Alpha.

It's not even just the events of Bitten Season 3 Episode 4 that lead me in that direction, but the overall attitude of the Wolves toward women.

Granted, they like to take the more general approach of "humans," but in most cases, any human who sees them and needs to be killed as a result of knowing their secret ends up being a woman.

Not only was that the basis of the 30-year feud between Sasha and Roman, but not-the-Sheriff Sharon found herself in a similar pickle by the end of this installment.

Brokering a Deal - Bitten

You practically had to pull Wolves teeth to get either Sasha or Roman to actually say what their feud was about, but they eventually spit it out. Sasha fell in love with Roman's daughter, with whom he was charged to protect. In turn, Roman felt he needed to kill her because she knew their secret.

That's the whole of it. An entire 30-year blood feud was born on that simple thing. One man's stupidity over a tradition which has gone on far too long. Who can blame him, when even Jeremy thinks it's a requirement, ready to either off Sharon the not-sheriff or help her, dependent upon whether she saw anything?

That's a shame, since she sure took seeing a teenage boy turn into a Wolf with stride. She barely blinked an eye. It was more of an, "oh, yeah, I kind of knew that's what Jeremy and his band of merry misfits were up to, cool," kind of way.

Meanwhile, Elena spent just a little too much time with Konstantin (sorry for spelling his name wrong all the previously mentioned times), who had ample opportunity to realize why she was able to withstand the change. Wolf blood in her veins. Told ya. 

It makes sense. And it also makes sense to let women in on the secret after all these years. Only stupid men would try to protect a lineage without women. Women, who are known to protect their children with their lives throughout the animal kingdom. What the hell Werewolves?!

That's why it's such a given that Elena will be Alpha, and why she has shown to be such an amazement among the species. I'm sure other women i the bloodline would be able to turn successfully, as well. They would probably be stronger and more capable Wolves. 

But would men like that? Mmmmm...maybe sexually, but they're not necessarily going to like giving up power to what they consider the lesser sex. And they obviously think women are less than men. Until there would be enough of them to prove otherwise, that would remain true.


For Elena to become Alpha of the Pack she's currently running with, something is going to have to happen to Jeremy. While he is opening up a bit, he's still pretty stuck in tradition. He's willing to listen to reason, but his first instinct is always to go with what has worked in the past.

Persuasion then wins him over, but who has time for that again and again? So I expect to see our current capable and attractive Alpha go to the big Wolf in the sky before the end of Bitten Season 3

Elena saw that blood on her face and thought the events in her visions were starting now. Do you think that's the case, or is there still time? 

Who do you think Alexei killed? What rotten luck for his first outing. Did he see a lonely gas station attendant and hunt him down? The poor kid will go from euphoria at his first kill to agony over the guilt because he didn't know how to kill. 

What do you think happens next? Hit me up in the comments. With each new installment being such a short frame of time, this season is flying by. Be back here for Bitten Season 3 Episode 5. Who will be safe? Who won't? 

If you've missed any of it, you can watch Bitten online right here via TV Fanatic!

A Quiet Dog Review

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Bitten Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Katia: You know, for people who want to keep their secret hidden, you aren't exactly subtle with your art.
Nick: I think it's understated, with a hint of whimsy.

You left me to fend for myself and nothing is resolved?