Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who's Your Favorite Hernandez?

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There Hernandez clan continued to grow, things got strange between Summer and Maggie while Nicole and Dario got closer on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Rockfordfosgate from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate their favorite new Hernandez, if Victor’s cold is just a cold, and Hope’s handling of Ciara last week in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Rafe's mother is back in town and so is Dario. Eduardo has been there a while. Who is your favorite of the newer Hernandezes?

Jack: I really like Adriana! She's a strong woman who doesn't take any nonsense from her kids. Dario is a close second. I find his darkness and anger at his father's abandoning the family interesting.

Rockfordfosgate: Dario has the most potential right now for different storylines and character interaction. His grudge against Victor and why he left Titan. His issues with Eduardo. His connection with Nicole. He's not really a favorite, but I'm looking forward to seeing more story for him.

Christine: I’m liking Eduardo a lot more. I think actor A. Martinez has really made the most of the role and I’m hoping he sticks around Salem for a while. I’ve never liked Dario and this new version isn’t growing on me yet, and Adriana hasn’t been around long enough for me to decide.

Do you think Victor’s cold is just a cold, or is it foreshadowing that Deimos (or someone else) poisoned him?

Jack: They are making way too much out of this little cold Victor is supposed to have. After their scenes on Friday I'm pretty sure Deimos did something to him.

Rockfordfosgate: I think it was just an excuse to have Deimos interact with Maggie without Victor around so that he could get close enough to mess with Maggie's mind and her medication. So, just a cold.

Christine: I really just thought it was a cold but the way it keeps being brought up makes me wonder…But it would be a bit much for Deimos to poison both Maggie and Victor!

Do you think Hope is dealing with Ciara’s rape and subsequent acting out appropriately?

Jack: Not really. Therapy is a good idea but so is a mother who sets limits and spends adequate time with her, and neither of those things has ever been Hope.

Rockfordfosgate: No. But I don't know how much time has passed though and with the other action-packed storylines, this one seems to have gotten pushed aside. I still would like more interaction between them, more effort to connect or guide Ciara to counseling.

Christine: I don’t understand why Hope and Ciara don’t move into Victor’s until their house is ready. They’ve lived there temporarily in the past and at least Ciara wouldn’t have to stare at that damn sofa every day. Hope doesn’t seem to be taking much control over this situation and I’m disappointed. 

What do you think of Nicole/Dario? Friends, future couple, or neither?

Jack: I hope they stay friends for a while so Nicole can continue maturing and getting over Daniel's death. I think they have potential as a couple eventually IF Dario doesn't go too far with his dark side. I don't want another Xander situation.

Rockfordfosgate: There is some sort of chemistry between them. I think they're both in need of a friend and someone to talk to and I'd like it to stay that way for a while. 

Christine: Please keep it friends! I love Nicole but she just lost Daniel and I don’t want to see her in another relationship with anyone just yet. As for Dario, like I said before, for me the jury is still out. I’m not sure he’s good enough for Nicole. 

Is Summer’s desire to be close to Maggie genuine or does she see her as a source of cash?

Jack: I'm still holding out hope that she's not really Maggie's daughter. Her final scene about Maggie hating her was weird and made me think that maybe she is just after her money.

Rockfordfosgate: I think it's probably a combination of both. I think she wants to feel that connection, but she also wants stability in her life and money can help with that. Her taking of one thing from each person she's encountered doesn't feel like regular theft but like her taking a momento, so I think she's wanting connection to others. 

Christine: Is there any chance we can walk up and find out that this ridiculous storyline has been a bad dream? I just don’t care about Summer and because of that I’m caring less about Maggie…and I like Maggie!

Do you think Ben is really stalking Abigail or is she hallucinating?

Jack:  I think Abby is hallucinating... for now. Eventually Ben will probably show up and no one will believe her when he does.

Rockfordfosgate: It would be intriguing for Abigail to be hallucinating, to even have her have been the one to shred the lingerie and not even be aware she had done it. But if Ben truly doesn't know Thomas isn't his, then I absolutely see Ben coming back at least for the baby. I like that right now that it's up to us to decide.

Christine: I’d love it if she were just hallucinating and this was perhaps a gateway to delving into her family’s history of mental illness. But I’ll be surprised if Ben isn’t lurking in the shadows somewhere. I’m sure he’ll show up soon. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline this week?

Jack: I loved the Nicole/Dario scenes and all the Hernandez family scenes this week. Victor's line about how ridiculous Brady's belief in Daniel giving him messages from beyond the grave was cracked me up.

Rockfordfosgate: I really like Nicole and Theresa's scenes after Theresa revealed the engagement. It's good to see real friendship between them. 

Christine: OMG! Victor making fun of Brady getting messages from the grave because he had Daniel’s heart was hysterical. He said exactly what I was thinking and I loved it. 

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