Family Guy Season 14 Episode 15 Review: A Lot Going on Upstairs

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There certainly was a lot going on upstairs, and Brian was at the center of it all.

On Family Guy Season 14 Episode 15, Brian helped Stewie defeat his dream monster and helped Peter discover his new man cave.

And, as expected, things got a bit...silly.

Mind Meld - Family Guy Season 14 Episode 15

For some reason, Stewie's jumble of nightmares reminded me of a mishmash of Scooby Doo episodes, especially after Brian entered his dreams.

Going down the rollercoaster with monsters behind them, monsters shooting at them with laser guns, the two of them ending up in a football table game, and even the monster itself...all had a Scooby Doo vibe.

If they would have used the "Bristol Stomp" as background music for the monster chase, that would have sealed it. Yes, I know it wouldn't have made sense, but isn't that the point of nightmares?

Even the ending, after Brian killed it, was Scooby Doo-ish. The only difference was the monster just faded into it's real self instead of Brian pulling off a "mask."

Glenn Close (playing herself) made an appearance in Stewie's nightmares making a joke about boiled rabbit (even Stewie didn't get that joke which is what made it funny), and later saying "fart" to show Brian how silly she can be. It was a great bit, made better by the fact that Brian didn't have the proper time to react to her statement.

The best of Stewie's nightmares was him forgetting his opening song lines, bumbling through everything and eventually singing "pumpkin pie" instead of the usual.  

Grandpa's kiss, the news, scary adults, things adults do or say to make normal things scary (like strangers), and petting zoos all made it into Stewie's nightmares. If you think about it, we probably are creating unnecessary nightmares for kids (and maybe even ourselves). A perfect example is the Ebola virus which Hartman had last in his news montage. Think about it.

The biggest fear, though, at least according to the dream Stewie, is the fear of disappointing someone you love. In Stewie's case, that would be Brian. It was sweet when Stewie said Brian was more of a father figure than the "fat man." They've certainly been through a lot together, and Brian was definitely humbled at the revelation. 

But that was dream Stewie. Once back in the real world, Stewie basically rolls his eyes at Brian's story, even though we all know how much Brian really means to him.

While Stewie was battling his nightmares, Peter discovered the attic (thanks to both Brian and Stewie) and turned it into a man cave. Peter's story was kind of pointless. But, the silliness of what Peter and the guys did up there fit in with the silliness of the rest of the episode. Insulation fights (a guy's version of pillow fights??)...stupid.

I still can't get over Cleveland's "crowning" declaration. As stupid as the whole man cave bit was, that was stupid funny. I guess Lois got what she deserved by locking those bozos up there. Too bad for her dress.

What did you think of "A Lot Going on Upstairs"? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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A Lot Going on Upstairs Review

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