Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Family Dysfunction

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If nothing else, Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 12 proved that nothing can drive you crazy like family. Over protective parents, sibling rivalries, feuding (ex)spouses – "My Next Life" had it all. 

Join TV Fanatic's Stacy Glanzman and Elizabeth Harlow for their takes on the many plots from "My Next Life."

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What did you think of Riggs' revelation to Meredith? Is Owen out of line holding that against him? 

Stacy: I actually wonder if Owen knows the whole story, but if he does, then yes, he's out of line. It was her patient, of course she wanted to be the one to go, and Owen and probably any other doctor would have done the same. What happened to Meg isn't Riggs' fault anymore than Arizona losing her leg is Alex's (remember, he was supposed to be on that plane instead of her). 

Elizabeth: I was a little surprised that something so...banal was behind this feud. I mean, it's tragic to be sure, but like Stacy pointed , it's also something that was her choice and that any doctor would have done. Based on her assignment, death was always a very real risk. Of course, I'm not 100% convinced that Meg won't be walking (or rolling) through the doors of SG sometime in the future. 

How did you feel about the specter of Derek? Should the writers keep bringing him back, or let him RIP?

Stacy: It would be unrealistic if he died and was never mentioned again, like he never existed. However, they've been bringing him back too much. I think they've done enough to show that he's still a big part of these character's lives and it's okay to let him RIP now.

Elizabeth: I'm not against referencing him occasionally at all – Stacy's right, it's unrealistic. And I actually appreciated giving Amelia a chance to wrap up some of her issues with him. But the flashbacks have got to stop. I could write a (series) of essays on why Derek wasn't the hero, and why he and Meredith shouldn't have been together. These attempts to turn him into a martyr are getting old. Time to let Meredith (and the audience) move on. 

If you were a patient at Sloan-Grey, would you be entertained or concerned by how distracted the doctors are by their personal lives?

Stacy: Haha, yeah, that's a tough one. It would probably be a little concerning to see how distracted they are, but knowing their track record and how good they are at their jobs, I think I would get over it. 

Elizabeth: We had two good examples of how the focus on personal lives could be funny (while Ben was doing scalp sutures)  and how it could be scary (Andrew's hands shaking during surgery) in this episode. I feel like I'd probably be a little concerned, especially during surgery or sensitive procedures, but if I was conscious, I also wouldn't be able to stop myself from butting in. 

Who else is going to find out about Baby Avery before April tells Jackson?

Stacy: Hopefully no one, because April needs to tell him and I do not want to see this get dragged out. If too many people know before Jackson, it's going to make it that much worse when she does tell him. Not to mention that she really does not want him to find out from someone else.

Elizabeth: Dear Lord, I hope she tells him before this gets out of hand. I think it's too serious with the divorce and everything for the writers to take the comedy of errors approach, even if it would be some nice symmetry for Callie to let it slip again. 

Which storyline would you have liked to see more of,, or which scene would you have extended? 

Stacy: Mostly I just wish April would tell Jackson that she's pregnant. She's had a couple of opportunities, and I get why she hasn't, but she needs to do it soon.

Elizabeth: I feel like we only got a tease of what was going on with Jackson, which was frustrating. But I actually would have like for Amelia to have more time to work out her issues independent of Meredith. Those two have their problems, sure, but Amelia's issues with Derek go back a long ways. Other than that, some more of Amelia and Richard bonding, however awkwardly, would have been good. 

Elizabeth Harlow is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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