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A lot went down on Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 13. With five of the docs off campus making history with a bizarre new surgery, there was still a lot of drama back at Sloan-Grey. There's romance in the air, with Maggie and Andrew opening up about their relationship and Meredith handing her number out to the hot (if standoffish) new doc. 

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Ashley Bissette Sumerel, and Elizabeth Harlow as they dish on "All Eyez on Me."

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Were you a squad head in high school or an outcast? Who were the cool kids at your school? Did your high school experience really have an impact on who you are today?

Stacy: I was an average kid in high school. I went to three different schools, and two of them were huge, so I don't really remember who the "cool" kids were. Moving during high school definitely had an impact on me. It sucked at the time, but if it hadn't happened, I wouldn't have all the friends I do now. 

Ashley: I'd say I was average, too. I just had my groups of friends, and it didn't matter much. I definitely did know who the cool kids were, but I actually think they were worse in middle school. I'm sure high school had an effect on me, but I wouldn't be able to pinpoint how.

Elizabeth: I transferred from a public school with about 4,000 kids to a private school with a class of 28. The larger school had hierarchies within certain groups – jocks, drama kids, brianiacs, etc. In my second school, everybody was involved in everything, and it was a different vibe. I think I took a lot away from high school, but not necessarily because of my place in the social structure. And Ashley's right, middle school was way worse. 

Meredith is back in the dating scene now. Should she leave her fate up to meet-cutes, or get with the times and set up an online dating profile? 

Stacy: I just like the idea of seeing her date somebody who doesn't work at Sloan-Grey. That doctor was cute, and at least he'd be understanding of the long hours she works. That makes trying to use a dating site harder if she has to cancel a lot of dates due to work.

Ashley: I think it would be fun to see her do some online dating! Also could we bring McVet back?

Elizabeth: Ashley, I had the same thought about Finn! Stacy's right that it could be hard for her to schedule dates, but I really want to see Maggie or Amelia flipping through Tinder for her. Maybe Alex could get in on that? Too bad Christina's gone for this.

Do you think Ben made the right call with the psych patient? What would you have done?

Stacy: This kind of thing happens all the time on medical shows. Someone takes matters into their own hands to save a patient when they're really not supposed to, but it almost always works out. Of course if it hadn't worked out, the hospital would have been sued, and Ben would be facing a lot worse than a few days suspension.

Ashley: I was on his side, just because it seemed like the guy was really about to just die in front of him. I know there are rules about that sort of thing, but still.

Elizabeth: He (or the psych attending) really should have called for back up at some point. I'm actually of two minds on this – in the context of the show, he was probably in the right; other characters have taken similar rash actions. In the context of reality (which I usually try to ignore while watching), Ben screwed up big time.

Maggie and DeLuca have gone public. Do you think they'll make it, or was the secrecy what kept them so hot for each other?

Stacy: If the secrecy was all that they had going for them, then it never would have worked long term. Hopefully, they'll find out there's more the to the relationship and make it work. To be honest, I'm not that invested in them, so it doesn't really matter to me if it doesn't work out. 

Ashley: I think they're cute together, but I can't say that I'm that invested in them either. I think the secrecy probably was a big part of it, and don't think we can get attached to any couple on this show. 

Elizabeth: I'm also on the ambivalence train for these two. The sex seems good, and the (pseudo)secrecy probably spiced things up, but I haven't seen anything so far to indicate these two have staying power. It's too bad all the established stable couples have been crushed by Shonda's iron fist.

Who gave the best advice on "All Eyez on Me?" Which character would you go to with your problems?

Stacy: In this episode, I'd say Meredith's advice to Callie to think about what she would do first if she had more time, and to solve the problem from there. Callie was in the middle of a freak out and Meredith got her to calm down and think, which ended up saving the patient. As for who I would go to, I'd probably say Richard. He usually gives good advice and he has tons of life experience. 

Ashley: My answer is exactly the same as Stacy's. Meredith's advice was perfect, but I'd definitely go to Richard if I had a problem. He seems like he's been giving a lot of great advice lately, too.

Elizabeth: Meredith did an admirable job calming Callie down, and it was nice to see her get the chance to support a colleague instead of just giving her no-nonsense lessons to interns and residents. But Alex has a great way of cutting through peoples crap (like he did with Maggie), and he's probably who I would want giving me advice about my personal life. But I'd go to Richard for anything professional. 

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