Mr. Robot Season 2: Craig Robinson Grabs Recurring Role

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Craig Robinson is dropping comedy for some drama.

He'll be testing his dramatic chops on Mr. Robot Season 2, playing a fellow named Ray. He's a local who will reach out to Elliot in his time of need.

You probably know Robinson from his work on The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, his short-lived series, Mr. Robinson, and one of the best movies ever, This Is the End. Yes, we know movies, too.

Craig Robinson

Robinson's role for Mr. Robot Season 2 will be recurring.

He's joining other newly added cast members including Grace Gummer, who will be an FBI agent investigating the Evil Corp hack, rapper Joey Bada$$ who will be playing Elliot's friend and Chris Conroy, who will be the new guy in Joanna's life.

Stephanie Corneliussen and Michael Cristofer have also been promoted to series regulars. Congrats!

The return date for the 10-episode second season of Mr. Robot is yet to be announced, but we hope it's sooner rather than later!

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