Pretty Little Liars: Who Said It?

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You take some Pretty Little Liars characters.

You take some Pretty Little Liars quotes.

You mix them all up and what do you get?

PLL Who Said It?

A rockin' Pretty Little Liars Who Said It quizlet!

The dialogue on the show is tailored to each character pretty well.

But what I realized by taking the quiz below is that some of the characters are more similar than expected.

It's the males who seem to be the wild cards.

For the main Liars, you could probably pick their scripts out with dialogue alone.

Then again, I only got 73% correct. Eeek!

A few of the lines really messed with my mind.

See how well you do and then share it with your Liars loving friends!

Good luck you guys!

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Pretty Little Liars Quotes

Next time you bury someone, make sure they're dead.

Dr. Rollins

I didn't come here to play beauty shop!

Hanna [to Mona]