Rosewood Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Paralytics and Priorities

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Will Villa and Rosewood catch the killer in time before they strike again?

That was the main question on everyone's mind while watching Rosewood Season 1 Episode 11. Det. Villa and Rosewood were still on the hunt for the crazed art killer.

The killer was extremely invested in their work so much that Hornstock and Villa were afraid for Rosewood's safety, which is understandable.

Hornstock: Nice try but your arrogance isn't going to protect you.
Rosewood: It's confidence.

Since the killer was obsessed with trying to outsmart Rosewood, it led me to believe it was someone that has been in contact and worked with Rosie before a.k.a. Neal.

Neal wanted to be just like Rosewood. He was obsessed with trying to follow in Rosewood's footsteps and viewed Rosie as a hero of some sort. Neal even had his own body organ collections and loved anything relating to dead bodies.

So when the serial killer was revealed to just be an artist that was upset about their work being stolen, I was a tad disappointed. The serial killer reveal was pretty anticlimactic and totally unexpected.

Letting go is hard Rosie. It just takes time.


While hunting down the serial killer, both Rosewood and Villa had to deal with surprising problems in their love lives. Kat revealed to Rosewood that her estranged husband, Marcel, wanted to work things out.

It was a hard pill for Rosewood to swallow because he actually likes Kat. She was the first woman he properly introduced to his entire family. 

If I wasn't in the picture, would you give him another shot?


Seeing Rosewood give Kat permission to see if there was still a spark between Marcel let's me know he truly cares about her. Rosie wants Kat to see if she still loves Marcel, and if she doesn't Kat can always come back to make things work with Rosewood.

I'm officially taking the pressure off of you.


Villa and Mike's situation was somewhat similar to Rosewood and Kat's. Mike noticed that Villa isn't truly ready for the whole serious relationship thing. It was like Villa was trying to convince herself that she was really into Mike, when she wasn't. The timing isn't right for Villa.

Mike was just someone to help take her mind off either her husband or to hinder her lustful feelings for Rosewood. Now that Mike is moving to Kenya, it'll give Villa time to heal and realize what she truly wants in a relationship regardless if it's romantic or platonic.

Rosewood: Here's to finding just the right person.
Villa: At just the right time.

Timing is truly everything. I hope that eventually Villa and Rosewood will have success in their love lives as they do in their professional one.  Their intentions seem to be good, but it seems that love comes at the wrong time for the both of them.

I don't know what would be worse, getting no response back or an RSVP that they're not coming.


In the midst of the serial killer drama, Pippy and TMI are still trying to plan their wedding. Donna took it upon herself to create an invitation for TMI's parents. TMI deep down wishes she could make amends with her folks, but since they don't accept her lifestyle, she knows it'll most likely never happen. 

Carrying that child in your womb doesn't make you a mother, loving her does. You need to step up, be a mother, she deserves it.


I was shocked to see Donna impose on TMI's mother, Lilah's, club meeting. Donna never seemed like the confrontational type of person. However, Donna gave Lilah a piece of her mind and didn't hesitate to hold anything back. I'm actually glad Donna stepped up to defend TMI, someone civil had to do it.

Now, will their talk persuade Lilah to reach out to TMI? Who knows. Hopefully Lilah will rethink her decision to not be a part of her daughter's life and realize she's truly missing out on what could be a great mother and daughter relationship.

What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised to find out the killer's identity? Do you think Lilah will reach out to TMI? Will Rosewood and Villa ever find love?

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Paralytics and Priorities Review

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Hornstock: Nice try but your arrogance isn't going to protect you.
Rosewood: It's confidence.

Whoever did this is a butcher, not an artist.