Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 10 Review: This World Inverted

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Welcome to Bizarro world.

Actually, the alternate world Clary visited on Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 10 was a lot more fun than it was bizarre. Okay, it was bizarre, but it was still fun.

But, then again, the real shadowhunters world was sort of fun too, at least in Simon's neck of the woods.

The entire cast of Shadowhunters put on stellar performances this hour. It was quite apparent how much fun they had shooting this episode.

I absolutely loved Izzy's nerdy alternate self. When I first saw the preview pictures, I wasn't too thrilled about the idea of her being nerdy to match Simon's nerdy, but Emeraude Toubia nailed it. Her performance was perfect.

It was a nice change from Isabelle's steely resolve in the real world. Though, she's going to need to lean on that pretty heavily now that she's going to trial for helping Meliorn escape. I have no doubt she'll get through it, though. The girl is tough as nails.

It was disappointing that Alec told Lydia everything. I know they're getting married, but still. They just met, so why divulge all the secrets? Sure, he's trying to save his sister, but I get the feeling he's really misplacing his trust with her.  I'm still not sure how I feel about Lydia, but I was glad to see she was willing to help Alec help his sister.

I thought it was going to take the whole hour for Meliorn to open that doorway. He certainly did a lot of "flourishing" while explaining all the details. It's amazing that Clary has no fear about anything. She walked into that doorway without a moment's hesitation. I know she's desperate to find her mother, but nobody is that fearless. 

She held it together pretty well during her visit to the alternate world, though she almost fell into its charms a few times. Not too hard when your best friend isn't melting in the sun, and you can make vampire jokes without him getting all bent out of shape. Jace working as a barista was kind of funny, and his awkwardness at meeting Clary's dad was adorable.

Bizarro Valentine isn't that much different from the evil, bad guy Valentine. At least I don't think so. Sure, he's a lot more personable in Bizarro world, but the only thing he does differently is smile more than scowl. To be honest, he a pretty likeable character, even with the small amount of time we spent with him this hour.

So, that makes it much more difficult for me to believe his "big bad" status in the real world. Shadowhunters has failed to establish any sort of monster-like characteristics in this guy.

Even when Clary and Jace landed in his lair in Chernobyl, there was no discernable evilness about it. It's hard to believe he's building an evil army based on a bunch of bottles on a table.

Magnus was absolutely fabulous, and I was glad he was the one Clary used as an anchor to the real world. I really thought it was going to be alternate Jace at first. Magnus was having a grand time reading Clary's fortune with the Tarot cards. It was pure Magnus, even if he was wearing a grandpa sweater.

And Clary telling him to use more "flourish" to help his magic was hilarious, especially his denial that he did any of that.

Speaking of hilarious, how great was Simon? He seems pretty comfortable with being a vamp now, almost like it's been his true calling all along. He had so much fun "torturing" the Internal Affairs guy and then getting shot by Luke. Did you see how giddy he was when he zipped himself out of the body bag? Too funny.

Plus, the werewolves now owe him a favor, so it's going to be interesting to see where that leads.

While this hour was a lot of fun for the most part, things are going to get pretty serious pretty fast. I guess the big question is now that Meliorn closed the doorway, how will Jace and Clary get back?

And what about Michael Wayland? Jace seemed pretty surprised to see him as he thought he was dead. Why was he locked up in Valentine's lair, and what does this mean for Jace and the rest of the shadowhunters?

And where are Valentine and Jocelyn?

Other Thoughts

  • Alec saying, "Playing hard to get? I love a challenge," the same thing Magnus said to him when they first met in the real world. Loved it. The chemistry between those two is real.
  • Izzy crushing on Valentine was weird, but cute.
  • Loved every minute of Izzy's freak out when she got hurt from her kickboxing match.
  • Clary's hair was looking really fabulous.
  • Kudos to Shadowhunters for the way this episode was filmed. I really enjoyed the light and dark camera work to highlight the differences between the two worlds.
  • I liked that Shadowhunters felt comfortable enough to poke fun at itself. The cheesiness of that commercial was perfect.
  • Clary was actually pretty tolerable this episode, but that may be because she didn't do a whole lot of talking.

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This World Inverted Review

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